Inspired by my trip to Cape Town, South Africa, I brought #OCaiko to life. 
A good cause to help kids all around the world. 

Aiko is Japanese and means “beloved child”. 

While I see way too many people being too flashy and selfish when it comes to belongings and material goods via Instagram, I get upset, because I also see on this same platform that there is still terrible stuff going on out there. 
There are people, girls, my age, whom aren’t allowed to work, others have to work from an early age on to support their family. Others don’t even own a home…others go to sleep with an empty stomach. We have two hands, and yes, we can help a lot with any of our tools. 

You know what else we got? Creativity and a kind heart. With those two things we can help and make this planet so much better. 

What’s the plan with #OCaiko? This project started with me sending boxes to special organizations and schools which I picked every other month. This could be medicine for sick kids, hygiene goods, crafting supply, books, school material, or just entertainment things. There’s a lot we can send out into the world to help a little bit... Since it is really hard and expensive to ship bigger masses around the world, I decided to switch things up and highlight certain projects or places which could use a little help from us! 

I am randomly highlighting places that need help and support from us and I believe that this is easier for us to help and spread the word. We can directly donate to the people and help together to create a better future for everyone! Some shippings take months or packages don't even arrive at the destination... that's why I want us to work on #OCAiko like this and maybe you feel inspired to share the ideas I gather here and you can take it even further. 

There’s so much we can do and I am so happy to share this project with y’all. You know why? Because we can all collaborate here. Check my early beginnings with #OCAiko and come back to always update yourself on what school or organizations needs a little help from us!   

 #forourbelovedchildren #ocaiko 

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Let's get to know the latest feature for #OCAiko. Let's help and spread the word ~  


"The vision of Baphumelele is to provide a temporary shelter for vulnerable/orphaned children and young adults with chronic diseases and HIV/Aids, and to provide skills development for the unemployed, early childhood care, alleviation of poverty, and healthcare information to the community in Khayelitsha and surroundings, so that the lives of everyone we touch can become more productive and accepted individuals who make a difference within society."