Inspired by my trip to Cape Town, South Africa, I brought #OCaiko to life. Aiko is Japanese and means “beloved child”. A good cause to help kids all around the world. 


After creating so many projects with a social, environmental, or educational focus on giving back, I thought it's time to put everything under one final name. I don't want to create any borders here and I want my charity project to be an open cause for so much than just one reason. 
That's why #OCaiko is no longer #OCaiko, I will from now on talk about #OCshare.  

This means. #OCaiko started with me sending boxes to special organizations and schools which I picked every other month. I sent out school supply, hygiene goods, crafting supply, or just entertainment things. I still want to do that, but I also want to reach out to communities in the direct way and not shipping boxes throughout the globe. 

#OCshare is about community spirit, helping others, educating each other on food, nutrition, and health. Sharing resources, sharing common goods, donating foods, donating things, or simply donating toys - clothes - whatever it is.
#OCshare captures it all. The cool thing about it is that we can do this in every city on the globe and we can work with local organizations to emphasize our message and maximize the effort. Every helping hand and big smile can change a lot. 
 Let's work together ~

use the hashtag #ocshare to connect closer