15:22 PM Fall is here in full effect. Are you still in your summer wonderland? That's okay... adjust step by step. I have to admit that I love seasonal changes and the transition time! Especially this time of the year is my favorite since everything is slowing down and cozy season is finally here! 

One thing I love about the new season is cleaning the space and body to be ready for the new changes coming. I usually do that during spring time only, since it feels like a very light breeze is coming helping me letting go of any heavy ballast I carried with me throughout the dark and cold months... it's like a very liberating ritual. 

A very nice ritual I wanted to celebrate more than once a year! 

Not only, because I love to celebrate anything coming my way, haha, but because I learned that it's healthier for me and myself to live in a peaceful and calm surounding. 

So just like we are cleaning our dishes every day, I want to clean my body, my apartment, and my emotional ballast when each season changes! 

Letting go of things I don't need, emotional stress I don't want to carry around, and embracing seasonal things that make my apartment a happier home! 

Since fall is here now, I am so excited to check in with myself. How am I doing? What can I do to feel better? How's my apartment looking? What can I do to embrace this season fully and smile beyond? 

For anyone who is new to a seasonal cleaning and you are not sure where to start cleaning... let's make this a fun event and try some famous techniques from the most tidiest person: Marie Kondo
The famous author has got all the secrets for a clean, tidy, and happy life. Why not getting to know some of her famous tips and using these for a little fall clean party? 

Believe me.
This will make this season so much better. (Any season, actually). 

And I'm not saying that your home is dirty and you are the biggest mess. But listen to a hyper alert and very anxious person.

A clean and decluttered home helps you live the best life ever! Less anxiety, more happy vibes and that's all I want! Learning to not hold on to everything that enters my life and let go of ballast that stops me from being a happy lovebird! 

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” - Marie Kondo 

Let's start slowly. 
Choose some of Marie's ideas and see what it does to your being. 
Let's do this experiment. 
Step by step. 
We will see each other again right before spring comes and you want to try more ideas, because this cleansing was insane! *you are welcome and hello again ~ 

1. Organize your kitchen cabinets.
2. Go through your kitchen pantry. 
3. Go through your fridge and freezer!
4. Pare down your bathroom essentials. 
5. Clean your office space and get rid of paper that you don't need anymore! Make clear what kind of paper is important and which is there for any other case. 
6. Get rid of things you really don't use! Something was hiding in the darkest corner? Yeah, you really don't need this anymore! 
7. Donate clothes you don't wear! 
8. Fold your clothes nicely and make your closet a more happy space. Watch this video to learn Marie Kondo's method. 
9. No matter what room you are cleaning and what item you are holding in your hand, ask yourself: does this bring me joy? If not...bye bye. 
10. Be mindful when you say bye to your ownings. Say thank you and be grateful for the time you spent with this item. Let your brain understand the value of things you once owned!

“Start with clothes, then move on to books, papers, komono (miscellany), and finally things with sentimental value. If you reduce what you own in this order, your work will proceed with surprising ease.” - Marie Kondo

Oh boy, this sounds like a lot of work. 
No, not really. 
If you live in a huge villa and you see no light at the end of the tunnel, get yourself help to clean and declutter! Throw a decluttering party if you want to...
There is a way to create a healthy and happy home no matter where you live! 

I love Marie's ideas to get rid of ballast and so many things we love to hold on to.
As a photographer, I love to hoard...I love memories and I create an emotional relationship with ANYTHING I own. 
Time to dig deep and understand my behavior! 

I suffer from anxiety and sometimes my home doesn't let me breathe! Cleaning helps, but decluttering after a couple of months is a true blessing that I don't want to miss in my life. 
Taking this a spa moment that makes my life so much sweeter! 

How about you? 
Ready to try seasonal cleaning? 
Have you read Marie Kondo's book or seen her TV show? I'm curious to hear your feedback! 

12:40 PM Meal prepping is something which totally changed my life and I am so thankful for this method to plan my days right and feel less stress about food!

The only thing that I haven't worked out yet is maintaining this lifestyle! Due to always changing schedules and travels, I catch myself way too often cheating. Eating weird things and spending way too much money which really fucks up a lot. At least in my world.

The comfort zone I created has become essential to me and my soothing wellness routine — missing out is what my whole body feels and I would also say suffers from.

Traveling was always something I was looking forward to. Airport vibes and cool restaurants I could test... mad expensive, but come on, it's vacation time...
Now with my on and off meal prepping routine, I told myself that I will take extra care on my next vacay. I am actually not in the mood to spend 20€ at the airport, only to get a banana and a salad. I really like to invest in healthy things, but I'm not ready to start my travels broke, before the fun even started.

To cut a long story short: hey, let's create a sexy meal prep for the next airport situation.

I bet you are with me — thinking of the airplane food makes you feel sick and you actually want to feel healthy and balanced during your flight and or airport camping. My big horror during a long flight to NY: very moist and heavy noodles, drenched in cheese sauce and weird undefinable things on top...a chicken that tastes raw and unreal...and the bread — I can't even!
Writing this down, I'm already getting anxiety and I want us to worry about stuff like that less.

Because it's real. Travel anxiety. Every sequence of your travelling belongs to that and contributes either way to your balance and happiness or your stress.

The good thing is that your perfect travel meal prep doesn't need to be mine here. This is an idea and inspiration — it's working for me. You can try it and test it with your favorite meals and happy vibes.

Most of these ingredients were actually for free for me, because I already got them at home. In total you will see that bringing your own food to the airport is nothing bad and such a good investment. You feel powerful, nourished, balanced, and happy. You can still take the cake or ice cream they serve on the plane, and you will still feel good. Just think about jetlag... there won't be any. No silly bloating and stomach pain — only good vibes.

So what's on the menu?

BREAKFAST: an apple and cereal bar 

SNACK: dried apricots and some crackers 

MORE SNACKING: seaweed and a hot chocolate 

DINNER: sushi 

What do we have to shop?  

fruit: I went with an apple (0,59€) 
cereal bar (my favorites are Clif bars - 1,99€)
dried apricots (1,99€) 
crackers: I went with brezel sticks (0,89€)
dried seaweed (The ones I use come in a bag of 3 - 3,99€)
hot chocolate: Four Sigmatic mushroom hot cocoa (you can get them as singles or in a box - 2.29$)
sushi rice (1kg 2,19€)
bell pepper (I bought a bag of 3 - 0,99€)
nori (seaweed) sheets (I bought a jumbo pack of 50 (because I eat a lot of sushi) - 9,99€)
rice vinegar (500ml - 1,49€)

So I spent: €14,67 ✨

This might not make your jaw drop, but this menu is a perfect example of getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need during traveling. 

Let's continue.

To me it's important to work on all of my cravings during traveling and feeling like I am treating my body without feeling bad. - yes, that's possible. 

As I mentioned in the beginning, I love getting fancy things at the airport, because duh, it's vacation. But how much better is the feeling to fix your cravings by getting things which really benefit you and make your body shine from the inside out? 

To not make this meal as crazy and extravagant, I decided to interpret my dinner routine for on the go. That's why I want some fruit and a cereal bar for breakfast: lots of fiber, fruit, and plenty of energy for a hectic morning! With Clif bars I don't even feel like I am having a healthy bar... I feel like I am eating a very thick slice of cake - my brain is happy, haha. 
Snacking is something I love to do at home, but also on the go: things like crackers, dried fruits, or even healthy cookies, are something I always love to have around! My favorite snack will forever we seaweed though! That's why I chose to go with sushi as my dinner! It's so easy to make, you can always switch the inside up and go very seasonal, and with the rice you'll get your fiber game on and the seaweed brings a lot of nutrients along! 
Since I am always in the mood to go to Starbucks or somewhere else to get a coffee or a hot drink, I am now taking my hot chocolate sachets with me, so I can get my fancy craving anytime and any place I want! The best thing is that I got my reusable Klean Kanteen bottle with me, so I can enjoy all kinds of drinks anywhere without producing waste and extra trash! Bye bye plastic! 

Okay, enough talking...can you explain how to make an easy and sexy sushi (maki)? 
Of course! 


YOU NEED 1 Cup sushi rice + 1/4 Cup rice vinegar + 2 tablespoons sugar + 1 teaspoon salt + bell pepper + 2-3 sheets nori (seaweed) 

1. Follow the cooking steps of your sushi rice on the sushi rice package. I cook my rice in my rice cooker where I have a menu for a perfectly cooked rice that takes 10 minutes. Make sure it's not too soft!!!
2. Once the rice is cooked, let it cool down! Mix the vinegar with the sugar and salt and add it to the cooling rice! Stir well and make sure all the rice is coated with this beautiful "glaze". 
3. Take out a sushi mat and place a sheet of nori on it. Cut the bell pepper into stripes and prepare your setting fully. 
4. On top of the nori sheet, place half of the rice and spread it evenly. Add the bell pepper and now slowly roll the sheet with slight pressure upwards. 
5. Once you rolled it up, put some pressure on it again to make it tight and place it on a plate. Do this procedure one more time!
6. After your sushi rolls are done, cool them fully and later cut bite size pieces. 
7. Store them in a stasher bag or reusable box that you can use again during your vacation! 

*I made sure to take things with me I can easily carry in my stasher bags or boxes which don't weight a lot! It's always good to have bags like stasher bags with you, because you will always need a handy travel companion to store nuts, fruits, or other treats. You won't even notice them in your bags, I promise! 

I am in love with the idea to meal prep for vacation time and I am sure I will share more ideas with you, because once you've started...you want to try more! Good news - there is more you can try! Test it and give yourself time to see what fits best with your schedules, moods, and taste! 

Treat yourself and worry less.
We want to enjoy our vacation!
What do you like to eat during your hectic travels? 

10:19 AM Struggling with my anxiety attacks (here and then more, other time less) I am always curious to find more ways to either way control it or find recovery tools which make the healing process a sweeter one!
I think it was on Pinterest when I randomly looked for recipe ideas, when I found a tip which was groundbreaking and so good to know!

Anxiety or not, who doesn't like being in a good smelling home or working in a clean and fresh atmosphere? I love coming home to a good scent and look forward to winter when I light my candles with essential oils.

For having a soothing and therapeutic surrounding, I always love to use specific oils which help me to unwind and feel better.

I also tried palo santo until my fire alarm went on, but there's actually a cheaper and somehow sexier solution.
Have you ever tried burning bay leaves? They have more functions then one would think of... Yes, we love them for cooking and creating a very special meal, but how about burning them?

This cheap solution can be a secret wellness trend I want to share with you today. Yes, because even without anxiety attacks one can enjoy the ritual of burning a bay leaf.

The benefits, coming along with these tiny leaves, are unbelievable: relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, increasing mindfulness, and opening the respiratory system.
What else do we need? 

I never thought that wellness can be so smooth!
Head to your next supermarket and get a bag of bay leaves! Cheap, healing, and so soothing for your whole being!
Start your day with a burning bay leaf or end the day with a cleansing ritual! 

Enjoy this and share this also with your friends and family! 

Happy burning! ~


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