10:25 AM I can't believe that my last running related post was last June!!A lot of time passed and I actually thought that my next running post would either way not exist, or it would take a bit longer to write about it again. 

A lot has happened in the last months. 
I was moving to my new place and felt sore for weeks which was the best excuse to not work out! Stress came into my life again and all of a sudden I also realized that my mental health was suffering bad as hell! 
I felt like (I still feel) like this is one of the worst conditions in my life. 

I don't know why it came so far, but I realized that I was on the edge. I was exhausted, I cried all day, I had no energy or I used all my energy for a job which is pretty much turture for me right now. 
I never knew how toxic a work spot could be... but that's a different story. 

With all my ups and downs, I just wanted to turn back time and go back to those days where I felt free and so happy. What was different then? 

It took me weeks to realize it - for all my stress I started to go running! I worked out to let go of bullshit and just feel emotionally balanced! 

Can this missing part be the reason why I can't really live a normal life right now? 
I wasn't sure. 

I thought about my past runs. The times when I followed a strict running routine to practice for my races in Paris. 
I felt happy. I felt healthy. I wasn't eating based on my emotions and I wasn't giving a big fuck about the people around me...

When February came, I sat down and promised myself to show my body and soul a loooot of love this month! 
Then, the day came... it was a really warm day (it's supposed to be winter...) and I was in love with the sky. I just wanted to spend some time outside, so I laced my running shoes and decided to go for a run down in the park. 

11 minutes later I was running. 
I looked around. The park was empty and I wondered where everyone was.... good for me! I ran two big loops, a little 3 mile run, because I wasn't sure how much I can do after such a long break. 
But let me tell you this: I felt amazing! 

It was a big exhausting, since there were many hills on my way, but each step felt like I was getting rid of my ballast. I smiled and enjoyed the sun. 

I'm back.
I'm really back.
Gosh, I missed you!! 

I ended this run with the best vibes I ever felt and I promised myself to be more outside this month! No matter how much stress I got - there are always 20 minutes which can be spent outside! 

My mental health is all that matters to me and if this means that running is my perfect cure which supports my healing, then I will happily put on my shoes and sweat it all out! 

Man, running and exercising is really the best medicine - don't you agree? 

3:29 PM There was a long and very bloody war between me and smoothies! Ugh, I still got chills from my early beginnings in the world of smoothies. 
A land unknown, but hyped and loved by so many others. 

I am into fruits, but not a big fan of everything that grows out there. I can be picky... 
Plus I don't really believe that smoothies can nourish me throughout the day... maybe I am sceptic, too! 

But things have changed a little. 
I opened up a bit and tried different smoothies and decided to judge after my challenge! The result is that I am really into those, plus I had no idea how different a smoothie can taste and feel like! 

A wave of fresh fruit hitting you. You know that taste? Who needs a chocolate bar when this is the real shit? 

I'm not in this game for too long, so I still believe I need to dig into this a bit deeper, but so far I am so happy about my journey and what I have tasted! (I am always missing out haha...)
If you are the same, just like me, please don't ditch this... be open and try certain things! You might fall in love, too! 

What I don't like about smoothies is actually the seasons and my mood which never really synch. 
In the winter time I always crave the summer fruits, and during summer I am sick and tired of the variety and want more basic and fall-ish things. Yeah, I know, I can grab a bag of frozen desired fruits, but I have to be honest, most of my smoothies are made from fresh fruit - I prefer that more. 

Since I can't really prepare myself for seasonal things, I decided to work against this a little different: I set up my perfect smoothie pantry to always be prepared and mix the best smoothie with whatever I have in my hands. 
A boring banana can be a great smoothie star with the right add-ins. 

It took me a while to add all my favorite and secret ingredients, but now that I have a really small and so supporting pantry, I feel powerful and motivated to create the yummiest smoothies throughout the year! 

Give me any fruit or veggie - I guess I can shake things a little up! ~ 

Okay, so what's good to have in a smoothie pantry? You ask yourself. 
This is how mine looks like: 

  • adaptogens: maca, ashwagandha, moringa, reishi, tocos, already mixed blends from Moon Juice 
  • nuts: mostly cashews and pistachios 
  • superfoods: flaxseeds, chia seeds, turmeric 
  • protein powder: vanilla, chocolate, and coconut 
  • cocoa
  • matcha
  • oatmeal 
  • coconutmilk powder / coconut milk 
  • collagen 
  • blue spirulina 
  • apple sauce (there are apple sauce mixes like banana and apple or mango and apple...mhmm) 
  • nut butter: almond butter, peanut butter; tahini 
  • spices: cinnamon, anise, clove, 
  • sweet tings: honey, agave, coconut sugar, matcha honey 

I hope I didn't miss anything... 
But just go through the list first....and now imagine your favorite fruits with any of the things from above! You see there are thousands of options to go crazy and create yummy treats! 

My current smoothie favorite would be passion fruit, orange, and tahini! Sounds crazy, but ooooh, so delicious! 

What's your favorite smoothie combination and what's a must-have in your smoothie pantry? 

8:23 PM For today's special lovers and love day, I want to spread a little love as well and just share a little something that comes straight from my heart. 

I am in love with a special someone, but further than that...I am in love with a couple of more things. Food is something my heart beats for heavily. 
I bet you know this feeling, too... 
There's a certain dish you love to eat or you love a certain candy which always makes you smile. 

One thing which makes me super happy lately is my beloved taro. A potato like mild flavored hairy thing which is the perfect base for any dish - sweet or savory! 
I use taro for smoothies, as a side dish, and also as a dessert (that's how I got to know it thanks to Chinese bakeries). 

Today I want to share a special treat which I copied from my favorite bubble tea spot in my neighborhood! Whenever I am in the mood for bubble tea, I always have to get it with taro milk! 
The sweet and purple milk is my highlight and I am so in love with the sweet and slight thick feeling it leaves in the mouth. It's something different, but oh so special. 

Since I don't want to spend 5€ ever other week, I decided to make my own taro latte at home! (You can surely do an iced version for summer here, too). 
It's very easy and a nice treat to surprise friends, family, or lovers for Valentine's Day. 


YOU NEED 2 tablespoons taro purée + 1 Cup milk + a little sugar + purple food coloring if you wish it to be more purple like in the Asian cafés

1. For this recipe, 1 baby taro root is enough. Peel it and cut it into tiny chunks which you will cook in a small pot with boiling water.
2. Wait until the taro is fully cooked and super soft in the inside. 
3. As soon as the taro is ready, remove it from the heat, transfer it into a blender, and blend until smooth
4. Measure two tablespoons of taro purée and mix it with 1 Cup of milk. 
5. After both ingredients are perfectly blended, add a little sugar to balance the startchy taste - you decide how sweet you want it!
6. If your taro wasn't as purple as you wished, you can surely add some purple food color to make it more bright and funky. 
7. Heat up the taro milk mixture in a sauce pan, or use a special milk foaming helper (I used my little Nespresso buddy). If you want to enjoy a cold taro latte, then add some ice cubes and enjoy it right away! 

Three simple ingredients - one special treat! 
I can't drink tons of this, but once I'm in the mood, I sit down and enjoy this with a big smile on my face! Taro is so versitile and so delicious - you have no idea what you can create out of this baby miracle here! 
Have you ever tried taro in your life? 

Spread a little love this Valentine's Day with a taro latte for your special someone (or yourself) ❤️ 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Liebe — love.



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