10:11 PM How was the first Thanksgiving inspiration for you? I am still dreaming about my lovely apple latkes and I can't stop talking and just thinking about food. Period. 
I love food. 
Especially during the holidays.

But yeah, I get you, too, if you say that too much crazy cooking is just too much. 
I want it simple.
I want to focus on classics and not spending hours in the kitchen. I get it.

Holidays make us spend so much more cash, even though there's plenty of stuff in our fridges which we could easily use and create something magical with. 
That's why my second perfect idea for Thanksgiving is a leftover classic:

A Caesar salad.
Do you like Caesar salad? I know you do.
That's why this is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu.
A fresh and green delicatess with the right amount of acid, garlic, and cheese. Isn't this what everyone likes?
Yes, of course.

And it's so simple.
No stress, more happiness. 


YOU NEED 2 tablespoons mustard + 1/3 Cup oil + anchovy fillet + 1 garlic clove + ground black pepper + salt + 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice + 2 tablespoons mayonnaise + parmesan cheese + 2 romaine hearts + extra croutons if you wish 

1. Finely grate 1 garlic clove into reserved bowl with a microplane.
2. Place 1 anchovy (if you’re a fan of anchovies and want to taste them in the dressing, use 2) on a cutting board and mash into a paste with the flat side of a chef's knife. Add to bowl with garlic.
3. Whisk 2 Tbsp. mustard, 2 Tbsp. lemon juice, and 2 Tbsp. mayonnaise into bottom of bowl until mixture is incorporated.
4. Whisking constantly, slowly stream in ⅓ Cup oil. Continue whisking vigorously until you have a thick, creamy, smooth dressing.
5. Using a vegetable peeler, shave 3 oz. Parmesan into shards, then break up any larger pieces with your fingertips.
6. Tear 2 romaine hearts into bite-sized pieces directly into bowl with dressing. Season lightly with salt, then generously with pepper.
7. Add the cheese to the salad and toss gently with clean hands until lettuce is coated. If romaine hearts were small and salad looks a little overdressed, add some more romaine heart.

Easy peasy.
You totally got this.
This is the perfect recipe you can actually eat every damn day, because it's so damn yummy.
Even better, you can update and pimp your salad depending the season. Pumpkin, pomegranate, orange, strawberry, or asparagus. The world is yours!
What a nice recipe to try right now! 
I can already taste it on my lips...

*Oh hey, I just wondered what garlic means in German. Impress your guests with garlic — Knoblauch.

9:09 PM This November and actually every month, we have to slow down a little bit and be thankful for a lot of things. This can be anything.

For me it's the feeling of home and the special places that define home to me.

Every time I run through NYC, I try to visit as many favorite places as possible.
When I feel stressed or I need a break in the Big Apple, I visit my favorite places as well, because I know how they influence and lift me up.

The perfect example for this is Washington Square Park. I fell in love with this place during my first stay. I met incredible people there, I had my first date with my special someone there, and it's one of the places which ALWAYS inspires me.
My sister asks me all the time why I take so many pictures of it... it never changes.
Yes, and that's what I like.
And I'm still learning.
Being a student on a bench surrounded by water, trees, and kids running around, skateboarders, and the loveliest pianists. Issa vibe.

During my last stay, I had a day where I was running around from A to Z with no pause. My heart was heavily beating and I couldn't wait to go to bed.
On my way home, I decided to cross WSP to listen to some classical music and see the park resting in the dark clouds and night sky, too.
The closer I got, the louder I heard people speaking.
I was a bit confused and surprised when I entered the park. All around the water fountain, people have crowded, sitting on the floor, picnicking, and looking at the biggest screen ever.

The park was hosting a movie night, playing Dirty Dancing, and it looked like the whole neighborhood gathered to feel nostalgic.

I found a free spot on a bench and watched for a couple of minutes — even tourists sat down to enjoy this for a little bit.

I bet this film isn't everyone's taste, but it was more than the movie. This felt like hanging out with friends and family, even if they were strangers.
A feeling of home.
In the middle of NYC.

Again. This is what I'm thankful for. I'm happy that I decided to walk home via WSP or else I would have missed this cool movie night.

If you are interested, WSP often offers events like this and they are totally free.
I bet something like a public movie night in the heart of NYC would make your trip more than perfect!

Thank you WSP for making me always feel like home whenever I enter and visit you.

9:22 AM Let me share a very romantic love story today. A love that was meant to be and I am so glad about this encounter.
I remember one of my first times in NYC, New York had still this exotic vibe and I wanted to bring my loved ones gifts from very far away.

My mom, for example, loves candles...fancy candles. Back then, the best place to get her favorite brand with the special edition fragrance was Bed Bath & Beyond. A place unknown, but soon to become my most exciting NYC shopping experience.

Right on day 1 of my trip, I decided to hike up 6th Ave and try to find this mekka of home goods. It was easier than I thought.
This place is a palace!! First of all, you can not miss it...it's just there, boom (in this very beautiful building). But then, you enter and you feel more than lost, but in a good way!
Many people are here — that must be a good thing...

I walk through the aisles. Kitchen supply, pans, cooking equipment, baking things, coffee wonderland, cleaning and household pleasures, tons of decoration, including my mom's candles, daily hygiene, medicine, and make-up, and oh, how could I forget? A special "food market". 
Excuuuse me.
Where was I?

This must be heaven.

I understood why so many people gathered there. This place feels so warm and inviting. Every shelf in there is highly organized and just simply beautiful. Issa a vibe.

I got a very special Christmas candle for my mom and decided to study their food market.
If you happen to stay in a hotel close to Bed Bath & Beyond and you need snacks or basic supply, don't spend too much at Bodegas, spend your cash at BBB.
I feel like this is a secret, but they offer so many cool things for very cheap and I would also say that you'll find the best gifts there as well.

To make it less abstract. They offer oils, candy, chips, cookies, breakfast supply, special treats, and there's a whole fridge and freezer section plus beverages of course.
I always buy my favorite Siete chips there, bought my dad peanut butter powder that I couldn't find anywhere else, and now my top secret: I stock up on Clif bars. First of all was BBB the only place where I got the special winter flavors and second, they were only 1$. In Germany I pay waaaay more.
— BBB often offers super high quality products in their sale or special promotion. Get your deal there!

But this is not it.
To be honest, I can check off so many things of my list at BBB.
When I discovered Nature's Truth in their health corner, I knew it was meant to be. First of all I was amazed how many health and wellness related things they offer, but then discovering Nature's Truth, I was more than excited to test (adding this to my routine changed my life, read again here). The wellness shelf became one of my favorites at BBB.

During my last stay, on day 1, I did my usual ritual, going to BBB to get gifts and a couple of home goods. This time I bought a new tumbler, more Siete chips and Clif bars, and new Nature's Truth additions. I never spend too much money there and I love how broad and high quality their offer is.

When writing my shopping list on the plane, I asked myself if I really need to go to BBB... I am buying the same things over and over.
No actually not.

BBB feels like a big hug for me.
As soon as I touch down in NYC, I hike up 6th Ave and as soon as I enter the place, I know I'm right.
I'm there.
I'm home.
Bed Bath & Beyond feels like home to me.
A New York trip doesn't feel like home when not going to BBB.

This is my favorite NYC lovestory.

Bed Bath & Beyond 620 6th Ave

11:06 AM As a German potato head, I love eating as many potatoes as I can.
Potatoes over everything, kinda.
Over the years, I found out that many of my favorite potato dishes are Jewish origin. I was excited, more in love, and started serious research. Might there be something Jewish inside of me? Ok, too much drifting...

Latkes must be one of my favorite Jewish/ German dishes. Greasy fried grated potato with apple sauce or sour cream.

My life.
I got too excited when my mom made these.

Since it's Thanksgiving month and I love talking about food, duh, I like to exchange about Thanksgiving ideas.
What's on your menu?
Ideas yet?

I know about aaaall of the traditional foods and bites, but how about upgrading things or just keep it even more simple with a little twist?

A while ago I shared things like chicken and chai waffles or my beloved pumpkin mashed potatoes. Yes this is Thanksgiving to me...
Let's just go one step further. Taking another classic, giving it a sexy update, and making this an unforgettable Thanksgiving memory.

Come to the point, K.
I want my Thanksgiving star side to be seasonal af and a sexy desire everyone will crave from now on.

Apple latkes it is.
Bye potatoes. Aloha apples.
Never heard of? Never done yet?

Time to lose your virginity.
Let's make Apfel (apple) Kartoffelpuffer.

(makes 4-5)

YOU NEED 4 apples + 1/4 Cup flour + 1 egg + 2 tablespoons coconut sugar + 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon + 1/2 teaspoon baking powder + oil 

1. Take out a big bowl and a grater. Don't peel the apples — less waste, eat your vitamins, yo. Grate them from each side until you reach the pip.
2. Watch little sticks cover the bottom of your bowl and repeat this process until all four apples are grated.
3. Transfer the apples onto a kitchen towel and squeeze the apples so that they loose all of their moisture! The apple juice you squeeze out, please don't throw away. Keep it! Free apple juice ✌🏼
4. Transfer the dry apple sticks into the big bowl and add the flour.
5. Cover the apples well and slowly add and egg. Mix it. 
6. As soon as the dough is done, heat up a trying pan over medium heat.
7. Pour oil into the pan and make sure it covered the bottom well. We don't want our Kartoffelpuffer to stick on the bottom.
8. Put 1 tablespoon of dough into the pan and let it fry until the bottom is nice and crunchy (3-4 minutes). Flip the Kartoffelpuffer carefully and let it turn beautifully golden brown for another 3 minutes.
9. Before enjoying these, damp them with a paper towel to remove access fat.
10. Serve the Latkes with a cinnamon infused sour cream or a nice splash of maple syrup! YUM!

Believe me or not...
This is it!
You need this for Thanksgiving!
Cook this for the picky people around the table...
Actually everyone will enjoy this!
Prepare a double batch to enjoy even more the day after! You suggest them with some cranberry sauce?? Hell yeeeessss!!

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Kartoffelpuffer — Latkes.


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