“The beautiful city, the city of hurried and sparkling waters! The city of spires and masts! The city nested in bays! My city! The city of such women, I am mad to be with them! I will return after death to be with them! The city of such young men, I swear I cannot live happy, without I often go talk, walk, eat, drink, sleep, with them!”

~ Walt Whitman 

My home. My happy place. 

I hope that you will feel the same as soon as you visit the city yourself! I remember my first times in NYC... I wanted to see the most special places, slurp a coffee at a hip new place, and enjoy the best pizza in the Big Apple. Somehow it took me ages to find the best spots... here on OFF COLOR, I am sharing my favorite places with you and I hope my guides help you planning your perfect vacation, without browsing for hours. 

No matter what you need: coffe, matcha, chai tea, or just a cool spot to hang out while hiking through the Big Apple. 

Eat And Drink 

Do you need a smoothie break? Just a quick lunch? Or a very good dinner memory to bring back home...I got you.


So many hotels, but where is the best spot to sleep? Here you will find hotels which I tested and really recommend! Located throughout the city with the right budget for you! 


Like a good sweat? You also like to enjoy some green vibes and just want your soul to vibe out? Recreate yourself in the concrete jungle! There are many places where you can escape from the busy city. It doesn't matter if you are only looking for a calm oasis or you want to physically engage in recreation - the world is yours.


NYC is hectic, fast, and loud. We all need a break here and then and finding the perfect spot to relax and hang out for a moment can be hard when you visit the city for the first time! Recreation matters a lot and it helps you enjoying your holiday more - find some good gems here to recharge and just feel happy vibes.


New York got plenty of tall buildings, a lot of concrete, and so many hot dog sellers that we sometimes forget about the refreshing green spots! Oh yeah, there's Central Park... but hey, there's more!

Culinary, there's a lot to discover in NYC. Did you know that China Town is more than dumplings and orange chicken? Discover this vibrant neighborhood!

There's a lot of shopping happening in NYC. But where's the best place to indulge and go crazy?


Because pizza is life. I don't need to dig in deeper here... let's check out the very best pizza!


Easy peasy. I made some handy guides for you to test and check out for your first visit!

Architecture fan? You love art and want to explore NYC's art scene? There are so many cool things one can discover just around the corner. Check this selection to find a little inspiration for your very special trip.

Have fun exploring this crazy but so magical city.