📍  G E R M A N Y   -   N Y C

Hi. It's Katrin, also known as Kazumi (jap. harmonious beauty). 
I created OFF COLOR in 2011 and started a creative journey that brought me to where and what I am today: a creative studio. This happy haus is brought to you via film, photography, and illustration; covering a healthy lifestyle, supported by recovering tools and meditation. 

OFF COLOR's mission is ocean + mental health activism and with #OCaiko  I started a special social project which helps underprivileged kids around the world. 

Make yourself comfortable here - I want you to feel at home and get to know things that might make your daily a bit brighter and easier. 

On OFF COLOR I speak very openly about my mental health journey, but also make sure to explore my food world and pleasures that help me being balanced and happy. Recreate my favorite recipe from Cape Town "Iced Boeber" or vibe to my special mixes that I made for recreation + meditation. 

If you want to stay in touch, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, but also check out OFF COLOR on Bloglovin and Pinterest, of course! 

Are you interested in working with me?
I am always open to hear creative ideas that we can turn into a beautiful project! I'd love to connect with brands that are a good fit for OFF COLOR and the topics I cover here. From photography, to writing, and creating visual pleasure - you choose. Shoot me a quick mail and I'd love to start a conversation with you then!