Let's discuss further. 

Where am I based? Born and raised in Mannheim, Germany. Now going back and forth from Germany to New York.

As a photographer, what's my current equipment? I mostly use my Nikon D3400, but you can also find me taking pictures with an analog Canon EOS 500. My Nikon D5100 is currently out of use... 

The motto. Dare to celebrate creativity! 

Who is creating all of the art on this website? Everything you can see here is made by myself. The music mixes, the photos, illustrations... I love using any kind of creative outlet to inspire. 

How do you treat your anxieties and mental health? This is something I suffered from the longest. A painful and intense journey, but today I can definitely say I feel strong and grateful for the sensitive side. I was at the very bottom and gave up on everything... one day I started to take this challenge called life and just go with the flow. I took it day by day. Special people and tools like meditation, sports, and a healthier nutrition helped me finding a more calm way to succeed and smile again. 

Why is it so hard to find access or general info about mental health? I am lucky to go back and forth between the USA and my roots in Germany. Unfortunately, for all the German lovebirds out there, it is a bit harder to connect and learn about mental health. Germany is way behind when it comes to education and spreading awareness on mental health - a suicide hotline is not enough. I couldn't find help or the right institution when I was in need, so I browsed for some quick help for anyone who's new to this. I don't know why these topics don't get much attention, but I am here to share it with you, so you'll have an easier approach and introduction. 


USA (NYC - focused):

Do I really care about the oceans? Or why am I obsessed with this... Because you should be, too. I want to live the most healthy life I can live, but what if climate change is fucking our lives up? What if we destroy our nature and we start to poison ourselves with all the trash we throw around? - Hello reality. This is our current situation. Human mankind is awesome, but during our 250.000 years of existence (I'm talking about the homo sapiens here, the kind of human being we are today) we have destroyed a lot and we haven't finished yet. The dinosaurs lived in a time period  of 150 million years (even more, I guess) and their impact on this planet was not even noticed. How come we destroy this gift in 250.000 years? Are you accepting this? I won't. That's why I'm doing this.

What else do I need to know? Love yourself. For real. 

Can I ask more questions? Jaaaa! Holla at me via Twitter, Instagram, or write me a love letter.