6:54 PM 

Oh yes, your girl loves some DIY - no secret. When I spent a little too long on Instagram, I was glad that I spent my holy minutes there, because I finally found some cool things which really inspired me. Instagram feels a bit weird to me, still, but focusing on a lot of interior and food, I know that there are days where cool inspiration or eye stimulation comes my way. 

Just like today's little highlight. 
Since it is winter time and I love to be in my living room with plenty of candles around, I am always on the hunt to create a cosy comfort like this throughout my apartment. No matter what kind of candle - I love it and I also like to choose special designs or such which simply makes me happy. 

In my drawer, I was hoarding some candles which were so perfect for this experiment I saw in a TikTok video on Instagram. One video showed how to make your own marble look candle, the other one was the genius hack of how to twist your candle. These spiral candles are super trendy right now, but also super expensive. I was spying on these for a longer time, but I was not ready to pay so much. 

Well, my candles at home were more than cheap, I actually grabbed them during a sale, and it was the perfect occupation to experience another day in lockdown.


This one is a quickie. Light up one candle and hold it in your hand. Take your candle which shall be marbled and hold it horizontal over the flame and move it back and forth. Don't burn off all the wax, but rather rotate the candle and twist it around the grime that goes up from the flame. All this beautiful black grime will be designing the marble effect on your candle. Just keep going and move your candle horizontally back and forth. Once your marble effect looks good, you are ready to continue with your next candle. 


To create this beautiful trend, heat up some water and let the candles rest inside of it for something like 7-10 minutes. Make sure all the parts you want to twist are covered in water - everything that is not in touch with the water, won't be able to be moved, since it's cold and stiff. Once your candle is loosing its shape, getting softer, take it out and roll it flat on your working surface. Now put it in your hands and start twisting the candle. Once you are done with your look, put the candle in some cold water to cool down and get stiff again. Repeat with your other candles. Be creative and create different shapes if you wish! 

Take any of your candles, upgrade them, and make them the highlight of every room! 

My white twisted candles are resting in my bathroom currently and I can tell you that every run to my bathroom is a happy one, because these candles just make me happy, ha. 

Practice, practice, practice. It might not work out on your first try, but once you've figured everything out, I believe that this is also a great idea for last minute birthday gifts! 

I hope you enjoy these DIY ideas and I also hope you will enjoy your comfy home with your own designed candles. What a nice treat! ~ 

*Yes, even the tiled candle holder is a DIY which is not quiet done yet, oops.