How is everyone? Are you all warm and cosy or are you outside, enjoying winter wonderland? Well, I am enjoying plenty of rain over here, after our snow left us again, but I see a lot of people across the globe fighting with masses of snow. Snow chaos can be wonderful, but also a little terrifying... 

That's why I don't want to hold the longest intro today. I just want to make you feel good.

When I want to feel good and I need a lot of comfort to forget about freezing temperatures, I love to put on my favorite PJs and slurp a hot and very warm spiced chocolate. A holy brown liquid that screams for richness and a feeling of everything is okay. 

Since this lockdown is giving me massive inspiration and also time to browse through my favorite things, I found a very beautiful thing that I instantly added to my recipe book, since this does not only sound fantastic, but it is a dream coming true. 

Israel really knows about the good stuff and I am very glad about their sexy invention: sachlav! The Israeli hot chocolate you will dream about forever. Yes, you will. 

I learned that the people in Israel love to indulge in very sweet things like chocolate pudding and this makes me even happier... because sachlav is basically a pudding-ish drink that you can actually enjoy just like the popular dessert. 

It's very easy. The Israeli recipe is focusing on normal milk and all of the toppings you can imagine - whereas I focused on the hot chocolate theme and made a chocolate sachlav, to really get the impression of a chocolate pudding. 

Let's start right away. 


  4 cups of milk or dairy free milk (I used chocolate oat milk) + 1/4 Cup cornstarch + 1/4 Cup sugar + 3 to 4 drops of rose water + toppings like: shredded coconut, hazelnuts, almonds, cinnamon, cocoa chips, pistachios, or dried fruits 

1. Start off by placing the milk in a pot and add a little milk to the cornstarch to make a slurry. Once the cornstarch is a smooth liquid add it to the milk and mix it in.
2. Add the sugar to the milk and heat it up. Stirr here and then and watch the milk thicken nicely. 
3. Rose water might be something unusual for you, so go slow when adding it. 3 drops are actually enough, but you can also add a little more if you love the flavor and strong fragrance. 
4. Once the sachlav has a pudding-ish texture, but still good enough to drink, remove it from the heat and serve it immediately. 
5. It's time to get creative: put your favorite toppings on top of your sachlav which you can easily spoon off the top. My favorite combination is hazelnut and coconut! 

Get your spoons ready, eat your toppings, and slurp the rich and warming sachlav!

This is such a fun drink and I am so excited to share this with you! This is not only a winter drink, this is actually the best wellness and well-being drink, since you can always add your favorite flavors which will cheer you up! Hide in your bed with a cup of sachlav and forget all your worries and sorrows. Time to take a deep breathe, inhale this heaveness, and just let go. 

You can also cut this recipe in half, but I love to keep the leftovers and enjoy it a day after, because this means that my sachlav can get really thick overnight! Yesss... too good to be true. 

See, I am talking so much about this hot chocolate that I already forgot about the snow again.... what a miracle. 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: snow — Schnee.