Not only during this pandemic and the ongoing lockdowns, but also before these crazy events, I got more and more interested in creating some simple DIYs and experimenting with raw material. 

In my home, there's always a lot of wood with which I love to play around. I love to be surrounded by natural materials and with the soft touch of wood, I feel calm and super connected to earth. 

For an upcycling project, I was hiding 4 leftover wood pieces in the darkest corner of my basement. I kept them, because I knew I might need them some day and I just couldn't throw them away. 

These are four identical wood blocks which measure ca. 12cm. I played with them, moved them back and forth, and then, suddenly the perfect idea came to my mind. 
If I glued them together, I could create something like a frame or a card holder. 

This DIY was done in less than 10 minutes. 

I started gluing the base together and let it dry for a couple of minutes and then I place on edge the leftover two blocks: one on top of the first on the right side, and the other one on top of the second on the left side - building a frame. 
Now check that all of the wood blocks are pressed together neatly and let it dry for a couple of hours. Best is always to let it dry overnight. 

Once everything is set, dry, and beautifully done, you can smooth out unevenness or coarse edges to make the frame more smooth and also safe to not hurt your fingers with a sharp woody surface.

The best part comes now: decorate your frame. Take a picture or postcard of your choice and place it right between the two upright wood blocks. 

It's an easy DIY, such a simple way to put together, and the best tiny highlight for anyroom! 

Even better, pictures can be swapped in seconds, since there's no complicated way to open the frame, take care of the glass inside, and be nice and neat. This frame is the easiest and most durable piece to work with!

What a great way to save wood leftovers.

What a great day to create again! 

Next time you've got wood leftovers, create your own frame as well or gift this to a special person who appreciates creative work like this! 

Happy weekend!