1:52 PM

I don't need to mention how much I love coffee, because everyone knows. What a beautiful thing to cherish every morning... just as if it was my first time enjoying it. Are you just as much obsessed as I am? 

My mood always changes...I crave coffee a lot, but I can also go without it and pay special attention to matcha or simple teas. Then, smelling a freshly brewed cup of coffee just gives me the drive and emotional stability I need to have a good day. Yeah, sounds funny, I know, but this is a ritual that many around the world celebrate. The special and very first cup of coffee in the morning. A moment of comfort, recharging, waking up, or simply sorting oneself. 

To me, this morning ritual is something I don't want to miss, but I also can't describe why I love it so much. All I know is that it feels good to me. I love hearing my Nespresso machine being busy, while my milk is getting foamy and cosy. Just a hint of cardamom and plenty of vanilla and my senses are freaking out. 

Today is January 14th and I am currently drinking a second cup of coffee - something I am not doing a lot, but there are days where you just have to, right? President Trump is impeached for the second time, Corona numbers are rising without a pause, and my country is still in a lockdown which has no end in sight. A lot of anxiety and weird feelings at the same time. Corona has been a tough mental challenge for many of us! Also, so many countries already went through a lockdown last year, so it shouldn't be that hard to survive this time, but I believe that this season is not the best season to have a lockdown. It influences us way more than a warm and easy breezy summer lockdown. That's a fact. Less light, shorter days, coldness, the body craves for social warmth and gatherings especially during the happy holiday season...

What are you doing right now to have a smooth isolation? Can we actually call it this way? What are you doing to stay mentally sane and have a steady vibing well-being? Well, for those who struggle on a regular, I bet the current maintaining of mental health and good vibes is a massive challenge and struggle for you. I count myself to those people. I am doing well, some days just okay to be honest, but I make sure I work on my feelings and moods every damn day. It is a challenge for me as well, even though I have a lot of experience with mood swings and bad vibes. 

It will always be a challenge, kinda. 

But this lockdown taught me one thing very early, I can't just get up and let the day pass by with me just waiting for a miracle to happen. My work is to stay healthy. This means having a healthy sleeping routine, creating a smooth morning, working out, and do a lot of mental work, which is also close connected to nutrition and hydration. A tough thing sometimes, but it's all work that can be done if we put the right effort into this. 

I found one special thing that helped me creating the perfect morning routine which gives me the right sense of calm for the day. 

I wake up, already thinking about my coffee ritual and I get excited. I started a deeper relationship with my bialetti espresso maker and this little buddy tells me already in my dreams that the next day will totally be okay. I got my alarm clock on the same time every day, I head to the kitchen and grab my coffee box with the best smelling coffee beans. I might play my Sonos or I just enjoy the silence that every crisp morning brings along. People are still sleeping and I can easily sort my thoughts and my emotions. I might sing or I might be just frozen, waiting for my coffee to cheer me up - every mood can happen. 

But no matter what, as soon as I start installing my bialetti on my stove, I feel a magic that brings such a good feeling along. The warmth, the noises, the smell of coffee that slowly spreads throughout my kitchen. It excites me and it sets the perfect tone for the day.


How exciting it is to celebrate a little kitchen helper and most importantly the thing that has been cooking inside there for a couple of minutes. Good vibes, excitment, and pure joy - it's the smallest things that can turn our dusky mornings into a little shining star in the dark morning skies. Taking a deep breath.
It will all be good again. It will all be good again. Don't forget to take a deep breath. 

Sending you all warm hugs and lots of love from my coffee mug.