What an amazing day/night, whew, I still try to find the right words to type down here. This is a moment of history and I definitely wanted to write all of my feelings down. Sometimes I've missed moments like this to capture on paper or digitally here on OFF COLOR, but not day, because it really really matters. Period. 

Thinking that this is only the third week of this new year and that every week so far brought one "highlight" after the other, I can deeply feel a deep exhaling not only from myself, but the whole world. I don't want to talk about Trump too much here, but I really must admit that seeing him leaving the White House yesterday, was one of the greatest things I didn't expect. Patient and a little tensed, I watched the news, exhaling really deeply when his airplane lift off. There he was. He's finally gone. 

I guess everybody knew that this day would be amazing and everyone was ready for a new government, not only the American people. 

And with this, a long TV marathon started. Again, I was ready for a lot, but it seems like I really underestimated this. Even my mom called me earlier to wish me the happiest day and to enjoy this. The last time my mother did such an ecstatic call was when Pharrell's last album came out... She knows.

Since I like to celebrate big days and special happenings, I was up early and baked myself a tiny snacking cake which I unfortunately burned, which actually never happens to me. I couldn't eat it anymore, so I had to throw the whole piece away. Shit, so what else can I do? I had some ingredients home, waiting for me to mix a little mocktail (I wanted to test some non-alcohol drinks for #dryJanary). Unfortunately, I lost the recipe and was forced to do my own thing. Okay, okay. Calm down, slow down, it will all be okay. 

I watched CNN while cleaning the apartment and preparing my lunch dinner situation. Funnily, I decided to make a homemade chicken soup today, something healing and warm - the perfect thing that I need right now. The last time I had a comforting soup was during the election chaos. My body is really sweet, caring about me so much that I automatically, without thinking, created the perfect wellness moment for today to stay calm and grounded, just like in November. 

There was a lot of work for me waiting on my laptop, but I decided that I would stay disconnected from work today. Just me and my cellphone, laying on the couch, watching TV. I must admit that being on Twitter all day gave me the warmest feeling of community and hugs. I need to add here that this feeling yesterday is something I have never felt before. Twitter is known to be a community of great people and no matter the situation, there are always a handful of people lifting you up, feeding you with jokes, or just some inspiring words.
But yesterday was something else. The moment of relief was a very intense and as I mentioned in the beginning, one could tell that all of the hearts were feeling a bit softer again. Trump's departure was celebrated with all of our heartbeats and with the arrival of the new government, we let our emotions run wild - mostly postive vibes, as far as I could tell. What an amazing digital party, spread across the world. Everyone joined.

Covid was forgotten for a second, not in a disrespectful way, but after a year, it was time to turn the brain off, let anxiety and fear leave our bodies, and just let our bodies be free without tensions for a day. It has been a lot. Too much, maybe. 

I was on my sofa, drinking my wonderful mixture that somehow turned out amazingly delicious and I caught myself being the nerd I was. In my hand I had my notebook, taking notes and gathering thoughts on history, politics, and the human being. A little philosophy moments interferred and I was smiling like it was my birthday. 
I studied history. Something no one ever told me was a good thing to do. People laugh or ask if I was a teacher. Nevermind, these are the moments now where I enjoy my nerdy being. Today's happening will be added to our history books and I am glad I am witnessing this. 

I feel proud. I feel happy. I feel relieved. I feel reborn.
A lot of emotions are cooking inside of me. I am super tense, even though, I am relaxing beyond... this chaos leads me to many crying scenarios, but I take it, because I'm an empath and I love to feel. 

President Biden was demonstrating it already. Tears are okay, tears are good. He's never ashamed to show his emotions and feelings, ahhh, I just love him. 
And there is so much more to love. Kamala, Madam Vice President. Another historic moment that I will mention 200 times in my diary. What a beautiful time to be alive. 

Just as intense as these past three weeks were, I felt like yesterday was the peak of the iceberg. It was insane and after each hour that passed, I was getting more nervous, a good nervous. It was good that my soup was waiting for me on my stove, so I could absorb some tranquility. I was checking in with Twitter, sharing my thoughts and feelings tweet after tweet and I kept on carrying my smiling face. 

I put my nerd hat by side and promised to enjoy this big celebration just like everyone else, but when the Obamas and Clintons hit the scene, it was over for me. 

Maybe it was also Bernie Sanders' low-key show stopper moment, but I just found myself in tears. Tears, because I was thinking back to the last years... maybe thinking back to how it all started and where we come from. I'm not old, but I have seen a lot on this planet - politics have always been crazy, and seeing these faces together, joining to make a statement of unity and peace just makes me weak. 
Images appeared in my head, moments were relived for a second - man, it all wasn't that long ago. 
It's great to see where we are, but I also realize that this is just the beginning. Actually, nothing is great. 

We seem to fall back, we seem to stand too still, there's a lot happening and finding light in this chaos is the master challenge that has to be solved. 

It's a crazy task, but seeing all of the people and the swearing-in ceremony motivates me to go to work and do more than I am doing right now (I know, no pressure, but you get my point). 

I let the day pass and I continued watching. My fingers are tingling, I'm smiling, I'm happy, I'm crying. I wonder what Madam Vice President thinks. I wonder what President Biden is thinking. His face was beyond happy, even though the mask covered a lot of it. But we could see his eyes, we could see him cheering Kamala when she was sworn in. One could see the love he shares with his wife Dr. Jill Biden, another moment that made me cry. 

This is the president of love. President Biden reminds me of everything simple that is so special and important: love and integrity. A lot of honesty, too, and maybe a hint of freedom. The final chapter to freedom. Without love, integrity, and honesty, we won't get there. 

I fell asleep before the concert and fireworks started, but I woke up today with a happier and pure heart. Did this really happen yesterday? I remember that everyone was saying: it's a new day today and I was like duhhh, obviously. 

When heading to my kitchen, I found the leftovers of yesterday, my glass with the finished drink and some passion fruit seeds gathered at the bottom plus a big ray of sunshine kissing my dinner table. So much light and so much warmth. 
Wow, it really is a new day. 

Socially distanced hugs to everyone. 
Let's get to work, America. 
Thank you for letting me gather my thoughts here (I still have to sort some things in my head). 

Whoever wants to create a special drink or treat which does not need a bit of alcohol, mix this: 

1/3 Cup Sprite + 2/3 Cups apple juice + 1 Cup ginger ale + 1 passionfruit 

Dear #dryJanuary