There is not a moment where I am not thinking about the Big Apple and how much I miss the people, the cool places, and the culture in general. It's been a while and I try to stay patient, thinking back to my favorite memories, and dreaming about my favorite treats. It excites me to come back soon, but also being in the middle of this weird health crisis, I hope that NYC will come out of this pandemic in the strongest way it will ever demonstrate.

The city goes through a lot right now and we are still not there yet, but I admire the citizens and every business over there hustling and simply keeping moving forward. There is no other way.

New York is creative and there is always a way to adapt and make the best out of it. 

When Covid started, I wrote about what we can do to support NYC and especially restaurants and the people who rely on food supply etc. This problem is still there and now after a year of ups and downs, there is more and more support coming getting free food and help. But these are baby steps only. 

Today, I wondered what the rest of the concrete jungle is doing. Some people wrote a couple of months ago that the city is dying and NYC will never be the same again.... wrong. If you really do your research, you will see how confident and proud this city is to kick Corona's ass.

That's why I am feeling more than positive to share some ideas with you how to continue supporting the Big Apple and also bringing this beautiful vibe into your home. 

New York has a special energy which no one can clone... but I will guarantee that these ideas below will bring a lot of this energy to your home. How exciting! 

  • At the NY Philharmonic, you will be able to listen to some previously recorded Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and many more sessions. Again, this is for free and it is definitely a great experience! 

  • Get on your couch and enjoy a walk through MET's holy halls with the MET 360° project

  • At the Botanical Garden, you can participate in diverse courses which nourish your brain! Flower power and a lot of looking forward to spring ~ 

  • There's a fun day trip that Google offers to experience a fun time at the American Museum of Natural History. Not only for nerds ~ 

  • One more museum. You need to have a special Guggenheim experience at your home. 

  • Did you know that the Metropolitan Opera is streaming nightly? Yes, this is your chance! 

  • What would NYC be without its baking institutions? I'm talking about milk bar! Milk bar is celebrating great baking parties on IG live, but you can also catch up on their website and recreate all their beautiful recipes at home! Join Christina's bake club

This sounds like a fun day or weekend trip to the city that never sleeps. Of course it is fun to be live inside the chaotic crowds and starring at the tallest buildings, but I believe that we can create a really nice sentiment with these alternatives.
Think about enjoying a nice baked cake or pie from milk bar in your pjs, while listening to some classical music, or just getting lost in the Guggenheim. You get my point... the world is still yours and no matter what situation we are finding ourselves in, we still need to show up and support.

We are all in this together! 

Dear NYC, I am not giving up on you, I love you more than ever. Near or far.