New York, New York. I miss you, I dream about you, and I cherish you every day, even though I am so far away from you. I might be feeling even harder for you, because I am so far away. It's been too long... But today is not a day to feel sad about our distance, today is the perfect day to write a little love letter, or let's say a conciliation letter. Because I was a little mean, maybe not so loving towards this special place. I'm talking about Penn Station. We share a weird and complicated history. 

I think there is no other place that frustrates and excites me at the same time, ha. 

Every time I get out of the Amtrak, I am beyond excited to be back in the Big Apple and I can feel my body and especially legs speeding up, because I want to get out there. As I am taking a deep breath, I realize that my heartbeat races highly, too, damn, Penn Station is such a hectic place... so many people, so many noises, and everything feels so oppressive. Where do I walk? I need to get out of here as fast as I can, whew. Yeah, Penn Station is a huge stress facotor. 

But as soon as I find my usual route, grab a donut at Dunkin, and find myself on the escalator, I am smiling again, exhaling with all the anxiety that I can let go for a second. 

I hear the taxicabs honking a beautiful melody, and the higher the escalator brings me, the more I can espy from this crazy and so busy city. Boom. All of a sudden, you'll find yourself in the middle of a never sleeping city, one can tell. 
I remember the first time being at Penn Station and getting out there. Where was I? Where do I need to go to escape this craziness? You'll find yourself in Midtown, in the busiest area with tourists, citizens, and whatever you can imagine. There is no quiet corner, you just gotta walk and hurry away if you can't deal with the sounds and energy. 

As soon as I reach Downtown NYC, I feel an even bigger relief. Whew. Midtown is sometimes too much for me. 

And here I am right now, dreaming myself back to the city, thinking what I would do to just be able to go back to Penn Station to feel all those feels. As an empath, a trip to Penn Station might be a rollercoaster with too much stress, but I know that deep down I also enjoy it a little bit. 

It's the charme, it's the vibrant energy, and as I mentioned, it's the special moment before you can finally connect and kiss NYC's asphalts. 

When watching Governor Cuomo's briefings, I was surprised when he introduced us the new Moynihan Train Hall (I might have missed the big project? haha). The confusion went by super fast when looking at the images of this great train hall! Wow, what a great success and super modernization of this weird and so special place. Is this a way to make taking the train in NYC a more popular and less frustraing thing? Well, seems like it. Even if not taking the train, I believe the great design of this train hall with the interaction of simple design, modernity, arts, and plenty of light, will make the people smile more when being around. 

If you are new to NYC, it's located between Eighth Avenue, Ninth Avenue, 31st Street, and 33rd Street in Midtown Manhattan. You can reach 17 of the 21 tracks and again, you don't even need to go there only for short distance travelling. 

Have your lunchbreak there, study NYC and its citizens, and just soak up all the energy. 

Penn Station is an experience everyone has to see with his or her own eyes and I know that this new train hall will bring so much difference to the experience! 

NYC, I will be there as fast as I can and I cannot wait to see Penn Station with more light, sexiness, and fresh designs. It's going to be a new chapter between you and me.

Also, I want to emphasize that with today's post, I realize that no matter what situation keeps us apart right now, thinking of NYC - even if it's just" this train hall opening, is a great place that has to be celebrated. Every day. It's time for me to emphasize my love for this place more on OFF COLOR! 

No travelling right now? Well, we can connect on so many other ways ~ This great addition to NYC's history and urban life should be celebrated right now with everyone who's just as much in love with NYC as I am. Let's not forget about our favorite places around the world... this project was finished in times of Covid - what a great inspiration to always hustle and push matter what. 

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*And cheers to vintage photography and a little throwback to Penn Station back in the days. I just love NYC via.