8:57 PM 

Yes, a weird beginning of 2021 here on OFF COLOR, you might think, but to me it's the perfect source of inspiration to create an intriguing vibe to learn and study. I'm hungry for knowledge and I love being a student. 

Still being in a nationwide lockdown, I am taking this special time with myself to deeply explore what's out there... in a digital way, but better than nothing. I am ready for it all. 

I study art, I study history, I study a little psychology, more philosophy, even a bit of religion... everything is involved. I could read cookbooks all day, to be honest, but the world of interior, design, and architecture is also something I need to focus on more, because it makes my heart beat faster. 

What's better than finding pure pleasure and passion? I know that with these words I might find one or two souls who feel the same way and they might feel a big relief right now. 

Don't feel weird about your passion and inspiration - it doesn't matter what it is, but understand that every tiny creation is made with a purpose... it is here to inspire. If it's not inspiring me, it may inspire you. 

So, what do I want to share with you or basically say? Well, not much. 

While I am creating my little moodboard, I'm filling my heart and creative mind with images that keep me feel balanced and happy. I love looking at images that create a certain vibe. Shibam's city architecture is one thing that puts a big smile on my face right now. 

Located in Yemen, this ancient mud skyscraper city is called the Manhattan of the desert and I am more than amazed that something like this exists. Isn't it crazy and just so beautiful? 

What inspires you right now? Or what do you like to put on your moodboards? 

I hope some colors, structures, geometry, and whatever you see on these images give you a really good feeling. Again, how great is it to live on this planet where places like this exist? Wow.  

...and a happy 2021. 

*for more info on Shibam, read along here.

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