8:04 AM 

Can we duplicate a special recipe I kind of already posted? Yes, of course. This here today is something I never thought would make me beyond happy and satisfied. I am not the biggest fan of both, but one can always change the mind, right? 

It actually started with me going to the supermarket, realizing that I was in need of some fresh fruits to keep my vitamin levels up...but my weekly budget was already stretched. Persimmons were the only thing which was beyond affordable and also a big amount that would help me through the week. I kind of forgot about the taste, because in the past I have used it only to mix it into my smoothie which was dominated by b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I also shared a Thanskgiving recipe with you once: berry fusion persimmon sauce... I slightly remember the taste, but not the persimmon per se. I left the supermarket with 4 persimmons for under 1€ - success. 

At home, I was curious and jumped right in. I cut some bite size pieces and got very excited: its flesh is very funny and the flavor is a mix of tangy and sweet like an apple - it's addictive. While eating it, I was dreaming. We find ourselves right in persimmon season and since winter screams for cosy feelings, I dreamed of dressing my persimmon up in all the winter spices, giving me a big and sweet hug. 

I remembered the grapefruits which I used to put in the pan with plenty of brown sugar until they get a nice caramel and sweet crust - grapefruit brûlée. This is something I was making my mother for special occasions and she loved it. That's why it was time to wake this recipe up and test it with some other fruits - who would have thought that persimmon is the right candidate for this way? 

No matter where you are right now and how you feel. This is the hug and love you currently need. Treat yourself and enjoy the fragrance of love...mhmmm. 


YOU NEED 3 persimmons + a half cup of brown sugar + 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon + 1/4 teaspoon cardamom + some oil for your pan (if you have a nice grilling pan, use this one, so you'll get the beautiful stripes on your fruit) 

1. Take your persimmon and cut it into halves. You can actually prepare your fruit as you like: cut slices and grill them or take two halves. I prefer two halves, because it's faster and afterwards I can eat it just like a traditional crème brûlée where the persimmon outside is the perfect bowl to hold and you can eat the inside with a spoon.

2. No matter how you prepare you persimmon, continue with the sugar coating. You can either way use coconut sugar which has a more caramel flavor or you go with simple brown sugar - it's up to you. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and then simply coat your persimmon slices or halves with the sugar by dipping them into the sugar and make sure to spread it even on your fruit.

3. Heat a pan with coconut oil and grill them.

4. It takes a couple of minutes until the sugar is really warm and ready to be "burned". Make sure you stay around your pan, so as soon as it may smell burned, you can remove your fruit. I always check them every 2-3 minutes and then I decide how dark I want them to be. Remember: the darker the sugar gets, the more you will have a bitter taste at the end, so try to find the perfect balance between brown and burned.

5. Enjoy your dessert for breakfast and watch out, it might be hot! I like to serve this with some yogurt and granola, but you can also just dive in like this... it's good no matter how you eat it! 

Don't you just love easy peasy recipes like this? Even better, this is not a real recipe, because you don't have to remember all the ingredients - everytime you can flip things up! You don't even need the spices... you can just go with the sugar! 

Now that it's persimmon season, let's celebrate them while they are here! Once they are gone, let's keep this recipe close and try it with some more seasonal things! 

Surprise your loved ones with this and spread love with some brûléed fruit! Isn't that the best way to say I love you? Hahaha, I guess so ~ 

Sending you lots of love today. We all need it!! 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today:  burned — angebrannt/ verbrannt.