Damn, it was about time. Two years ago, I released my first project after retiring from creating the online magazine. I knew I still wanted to create something that you could all look at to feel inspired, motivared, or simply happy. Art is a great thing to share and the best tool to connect and make this world a better place. Being a creative myself, I knew that sharing my talents or demonstrating my little world, must continue after leaving the magazine behind. The website itself turns more and more into my little guide or diary about mental health and having a healthy, fun relationship with life and anything that is going on inside-out. Whew. 

Yeah, life can be upside-down sometimes and we are all walking the same path, but unfortunately, there are still way too many stones on our paths which make us struggle beyond. Help is not always there and our own tools and equipment is sometimes not enough to save ourselves. I am not here to save you, but I am here to listen and especially speak up. 

I am a Sagittarius, I never know when to shut up. I am bloody honest and I fight for this world to be a sexy place of love, kindness, and lots of smiles. My last project was a full photography project where I focus on the youth of my city, capturing their love for sneakers, sharing their lifestyle and attitudes. I loved this project and I was so excited to continue working on the next one. 

There's been a piece of paper that is filled with one idea, but I haven't found the time to work on this yet... when Covid came and I saw how much kids suffer from this new way to live and especially dealing with a situation that is not even easy for grown-ups, I knew I needed to spread some extra words and love out there. I don't want you to suffer, I want you to heal. 

I thought about writing a children's book, but before I was done, I decided to take this idea back and just release this as a part of my story project. I want to share this info for free and I want everyone to have access to this no matter how rich or poor you are. 

Education has to be free and education on mental health is a human right. It's time to stop stigmatizing this topic, it's time to open your eyes and let's get ready to work. 

I know that there is a lot of healing necessary out there. Many of us are broken, traumatized, or just not feeling well with whatever is happening. We are all different and our life situations are never the same... It's time to understand that mental health is connected to so much and we need to realize that this starts at an early age, too. 

"You Are What You Feel" is the latest addition to the story project. A little colorful exploration for you to get in contact with mental health, emotions, and feelings. 

Going through a lot myself, I understood really fast how much colors and art matters during my healing process. My daily feels so much better, listening to my body, reacting to signals and vibes, and just allowing myself to feel and go through it. Don't hold it back, feel what you feel, process your emotions and grow from them. Learn from them. 

How great is it to take the paint brush and explore a colorful world that will bring balance and zen into your life? 

I am absolutely sure that art can heal us and I want you to join me on this journey. This little book, let's call it book for a moment, is designed for everyone. You and me. Grandmas, moms, kids, dads, your neighbor, Any age is welcomed here to explore this rainbow.

Let's connect. 

Thank you for reading this.

Thank you for your support. ~

I love you all. ~

Get to see You Are What You Feel here.