8:20 AM

I'm having a really bad day today...actually I am having a really bad week and I can't wait for it to be over. Someone whispered in my ear to be positive and just vibe it out (could be my own words), but somehow I am struggling with it right now. It happens... 

One really weird thing that can change my mind or at least shine light on a new perspective is cleaning. I clean a lot. I enjoy it and I love to look around knowing that my home is cosy and inviting - to me. That's why today is one of those days where I just turn my brain off and blast the trolls soundtrack to shake the very last tension out of my body. Don't laugh ~

Cleaning feels like wellness to me. Not only for my body, but also my home and its energy field. Our homes are a temple and in my temple I want to feel zen and happy. That's why I need to take care of my energy and the energy of my place.

That's why things like aromatherapy and lots of green life add the very special something for my very perfect temple. It's a beautiful symbiosis and my body couldn't ask for more. 

I feel balanced, zen, and healthy. 

With cleaning being one of my calm down hobbies, I also love to focus a lot on sustainability here as well. I try to use green and clean products and I want to focus on natural ingredients that don't stop the funk in here. 

When heading to one of my favorite places in NYC, I once found something that intrigued me beyond. I usally never check cleaning products when I am travelling or such, but Target made me do it... I am creative and my eyes are always attracted to sexy packaging, so this could also be a reason why I discovered Target's very own cleaning brand: Everspring. A clean product line that will help you having a smooth and sustainable approach to cleaning. 

Natural ingredients, compostable, recycled, and so good. It's that simple. 

Since my suitcase isn't the biggest, I started testing Everspring's cleaning wipes, because I knew I could use them for a longer time. It didn't take a second knowing what fragrance I would go for... 

I went with the lavender & bergamot fragrance, because in my head that sounded simply sexy. It's good to say that this combination is even sexier than sexy. Imagine a rich smell of lavender with a strong highlight blending in. It does not hurt in your eyes or nose, but it does something to your whole body. I said it in the beginning. Cleaning is a wellness task for me....

Using these wipes after cleaning my apartment just makes me happy. Sometimes I use them to finish off in my bathroom and sometimes I use them to simply clean the kitchen floor. No matter which room I choose, there's plenty of lavender and bergamot in the air. Wow. 

Taking a deep breath and looking around my place I have to say that I made everything right. This investment was so worth it, also because Everspring is super affordable and yet so amazingly well-performing. 

I have not tested anything else from their collection yet, but I am sure that each and every product will have the same effect on your home (and body). 

Is cleaning even stressing you? How about adding products to your routine which will calm you down? Check your cleaning cabinet at home... what can you add to make your cleanings more fun and zen? 

I will continue this balancing journey with Target's products. I feel very grateful about them and their engagement when it comes to sustainability and that's why I am writing this little love note about them today. 

Maybe you will take from this that every tiny thing we do in our daily lives doesn't need to be connected to stress and unpleasant occupations. We are already dealing with enough stress, worries, and problems... why not adding the perfect essence that will make the rest just follow and flow in harmony? Making cleaning great again... sorry, this needed to be said here. 

Target, keep on adding more of this please! 

*And no, this post is not sponsored, just love!