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Whew. Have you slowly made up for your missed sleep? Or are you still celebrating? What a great, tense, but so liberating week it was! I still need a few more days to realize this and also my brain says no to continue sharing normal content that I have planned for this month, but I want us to have a little normality back here as well, because soon, the biggest events of the year will come. 

I mean we just "celebrated" Halloween and now we are heading straight to Thanksgiving and then we will wave across the room to brother Christmas. Wow. Time really flies. 

But let's not finish the year yet. There's still a lot to discover, a lot to cook, and a lot to learn here on OFF COLOR. 

Today, I want to start this week easy with some visual things that we might all love and maybe need. As the title says, the holidays are approaching and we all tend to start thinking about how we are spending our holidays together this year. It's time to sit down, plan dinners, writing shopping lists, and stocking up the pantries. Oh boy, that sounds like stress. 

Well, organization is the key. Before all the holidays make your head get too busy, plan your way through. Grocery shopping, decor, baking goods, there's a lot to take care of (for some more, for others less). Especially with the Corona virus being around, we might face a different kind of holiday, and also lockdowns might make easy scenarios a tricky one. 

That's why I am using this time right now to stock up right, plan nice meals for Christmas, and feel balanced and satisfied throughout the holiday season! 

A clean, filled, and organized pantry feels like life goals to me and I am the most excited to always browse for new ideas to make my pantry vibes a bit sexier. 

I might be a little sensitive, when it comes to a clean and organized home because of my anxieties, but I can tell that many others suffer from a chaotic pantry which at the end minimizes the fun in the kitchen, too. And that's what it's about. 

Once we have a clean set-up, we can have such an easier daily routine. We find our things, we enjoy being in the kitchen a lot, and also we waste less food which would usually hide in the deepest corner. 

Let's take these holidays to re-organize our pantries. Here is some inspiration for you! 

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