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Are you already taking notes, planning your perfect, not so perfect and definitely different Thanksgiving dinner? Oh yeah, this year, everything will be different, which is not bad. There are tons of reasons to be grateful and even more reasons to not be sad to be celebrating a Thanksgiving 2.0. 

With or without our families, we will have a beautiful and humble holiday season. Connecting closer from every distance. 

Since this year's experience will be different and new, I want to inspire you with some recipe ideas this year to upgrade the classics and make this year's celebration an unforgettable one! It's the conversations we cherish, the food and drinks we love to enjoy, and all of those feels we will remember forever. Just thinking about turkey makes my heart warm... I love our holiday food, because it screams for comfort and family time. Traditions. 

My tradition will always be to create new funk and getting to know more food that is hiding across the globe. One of my favorite ingredient I love to mix in simply everything is taro. Taro root is a vegetable which should get a little more love and attention. We don't need to create something crazy here - how about just adding taro to the simple things we already love? 

I say it many times here on the website - I'm German and we call ourselves potato kids. That's why my love for mashed potatoes is pretty big. 

There comes nothing between me and my mashed potatoes, Kartoffelbrei, but taro.


Oh yes, you read that right. Let's make mashed potatoes with taro. 


YOU NEED 800g potatoes + salt + 200ml milk + 40g butter + fresh pepper + nutmeg + 300-400g taro root 

1. If you never had taro before, you can surely go with less taro. I don't want taro to be the superstar in this dish...I went for a creamy mashed potato with a hint of something else in there. If you love taro like crazy and you want to taste it all the way through, add more. 

2. In two seperate pots, prepare the veggies. Peel the potatoes, cut them into same-sized chunks (for faster cooking) and let them cook in salted, cold water over medium heat. Do the same with the taro: peel the hairy skin off, cut it into chunks, and let it cook in salted water over medium heat. Bring both parties to a boil, before you let them simmer covered for about 30 minutes. 

3. You know if your veggies are cooked once your fork can easily mash your vegetables. Is everything soft? Good, drain your taro and potatoes and transfer them into one pot together. Not done yet? Let your veggies cook until they are really soft, which is easier for mashing. (Take care, the taro can become a bit slimy, so keep an extra eye on this boy). 

4. Being together in one pot, it's time to work the muscles and mash the vegetables with a potato masher until smooth and fluffy. Add the butter and milk and blend everything well. 

5. To not loose any heat from this dish, let's keep the mashed party on the oven, but on low heat, before anything burns. Take your time in figuring the flavor out. Add a big pinch of salt, add fresh pepper, and give it a final touch with some nutmeg! Remember, go slow with the nutmeg. Taste it, keep stirring, and add as much flavor as you want and need. I use a special honey pepper for my mashed potatoes which also adds a little sweetness - the kitchen is yours, be creative! 

6. Once you reached the best consistency and flavor, the mashed potatoes are ready to be served. 

Easy peasy. 

I know many people are scared to mess with taro, since it may be a bit slimy, or the texture is simply different... others don't even want to touch it because of the hairy skin - but once you guys are friends, there's so much pleasure to find in this holy root. I simply love taro and I love the little earthy and creamy tone it adds to my mashed potatoes. It is definitely something else and I am more than happy to introduce things like this to everyone I love and care about. 

Try it, test it, experiment further. 

It's the season to eat and create memories... maybe this will be a part of this year's memories. 

*If you want to explore the world of pumpkins and mashed potatoes - here is a recipe I once shared. 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today:  Kartoffelbrei or Kartoffelpüree — mashed potatoes.