8:56 AM 

Hey, hi! This post today wasn't planned, but just like so many others out there, I want and need to let my tension go and force my body to relax. What a crazy election this is... who would have thought? Well, my dear Bernie predicted it...still, seeing and following everything on TV and social media makes my anxiety dance like there's no tomorrow. I was beyond anxious before the elections and now being inside this chaos, I can't even describe how anxious I am. It might feel a bit tense, because the last 48 hours I have "slept" on my couch to not miss a thing on TV and my body screams for a loooong sleep. (I'm a bad preacher, since yesterday I was emphasizing in my SAD post on how important sleep is... I know, I know... but this situation is a special one and I try to deal with it somehow...). 

I think no one is having a normal day right now and we all feel a bit nervous, biting our nails, or eating one more cookie, even though we are more than satisfied. I've been through it all. I had a whole sleeve of oreos, I don't know how many cups of coffee, I ate cereal without milk, because I used it all for my coffee... and today I am just shaking my head, laughing a little bit, and trying to start this day on a different note. 

I have to set a tone. Snacking is fun, but this situation is stressful enough and I want to feel "good" in between working and catching up with the news. I am preaching about mind-body connection for years and I am glad that through my emotional eating hours, my body realized (a bit late, but ok) that I needed something special that makes me breathe and just smile for a minute. Forgetting about the stress and the what-ifs.

I headed to my fridge to continue working on letting my mind float, when I grabbed two left-over mushrooms which screamed for making a rich and warm broth. I YouTubed around and found Bon Appétit's recipe for a vegan broth! Lots of veggies - basically the best leftover and zero waste recipe! I was ready for this. 

To be honest, I didn't think much, I just did it. I grabbed onions, garlic, ginger, some leftover frozen broccoli and herbs, mushrooms, carrots, leek, celery, some tomato paste and miso. Et voilà. Ready to roast these babies! 

Cutting all my veggies made me forget to check Nevada's votes or the Michigan and Wisconsin race that Biden finally won. Whew. I could literally breathe for a moment. 

Still, my stomach feels messy. 

My heart is beating a bit faster. 

But knowing that I have a pot full of warming and healing broth, brings a little calmness to the storm. Who would have thought that broth would save me in those chaotic days? 

What are you doing right now to stay calm? 

What are you cooking? Stress cooking/eating anyone? Don't feel bad about it, we are in this together!