11:27 AM 

I already shared some thoughts on this year's elections on a previous post. Generally, I am very interested in politics, not only because they can be entertaining sometimes, but also because they decide about our future. That's why this year's election is a special one... not only to me, but so many others. I was excited to follow along and thinking about the next week, I feel my heart racing already. Whew. What a year! 

I guess this post will include many whews, because, again, coping with everything that is going on is a lot and carrying this weight along from month to month is hard work. For some more... for some less. 

I want to take this opportunity and have a serious discussion today. That's why it's time for a new #TuesdayTalk... feels like forever since my last one... but it matters today. 

Due to Corona, we are spending plenty of time at home, maybe watching a lot of tv, maybe consuming a lot of online things. Anywhere we go, we get to see a lot of info, updates, and events happening. How crazy it is that Corona happens during one of the most important elections. I have not witnessed many presidents of the US, but I can tell how important this election is - not only for America, but also the rest of the world. Everyone is watching right now. 

And with every day passing, it feels we are getting more or less good or bad news which shall help us making voting easier. There are people who don't know much about politics, others don't care, others are supporting their party with all of their heart, and then there are neutral people who just try to figure it out... just imagine you are a first time voter this year. Whew - there it is... I am sending you extra love and strength! 

What I want to emphasize today is that your voice matters, no matter what. 

I know we might feel a bit confused. We might be afraid of the current things happening around us that we might not want to focus on something like an election right now, because it's another massive thing that is triggering. I know we might feel overwhelmed with the news changing every day and things going back and forth. I know we might feel like no one cares about our voices when innocent black people still get shot on the street. I know we might feel like our voice will never be heard, because the loud voice of the rich white man is all that matters. Again, as a first time voter, you might feel under pressure like crazy, being scared to do the wrong thing... I hear you. 

I guess I could go on and on with the list, but what do we take from this? 

As long as we are human beings with a brain and the power to speak up, we can get out there and use our voice to change something! Voting doesn't mean to be mute - voting means taking action to change your future. If it's not for your future, it's for your neighbors, your friends, your family, the immigrants, the minorities, the people who often get disrespected, and the people who get hurt for no reason, killed for no reason.


My history teacher would hold my arm right now and tell me to slow down, "don't be too emotional in your language, especially when you are a journalist, you need to be neutral, but keeping the facts."

Well, fact is that I am highly sensitive, very emotional, and I care about too many things, so please let me be emotional right now. 

Remember it is a right to vote. 

Remember that it was such a fight to allow women to go out and vote. How beautiful is it, to get out there and be actively changing the future with the values and morals you support. 

Do your research. Talk to friends and family. Even if you only communicate your fears and frustration at first... feel the feels and go with the flow! Don't rush voting... work yourself through the whole process! There's plenty of help out there when you loose track...

"68% of people are significantly stressed by the election."

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

Take some extra breaths during this time of the year. Meditate and do some exercises to let go of frust and anger! This election creates tons of anxiety and stress and I want you to focus on your health first. Don't overstimulate yourself with the media. Take some days off, if you wish. Ask for help and support, go with your own pace, but please do not give up on your voice. 

This is far too important to ignore. 

I send you all power, strength, and the energy you need to get through this. 

We are in this together!