13:44 PM 

Being a creative is sometimes a really handy thing, especially when it comes to interior. When I look around and want a new picture or design for my walls, I can simply sit down and work on something beautifully on my computer. Et voilà. My whole apartment carries my signature and I love this personal touch, since it really makes me feel home. 

If it's not something colorful, illustrated, or simply fonts, I love to decorate my home with plenty of NYC vibes that I captured via polaroid or my other cameras. I love having NYC inside my home, so whenever I feel homesick, I just need to explore my apartment. 

Especially now during Corona, I feel super homesick and wish I could just run to NYC and kiss its streets. I crave pizza, I crave bagels, and I crave my favorite streets, bridges, and the beautiful architecture. It's the simple stuff sometimes... 

Since my longing for my favorite place is pretty huge, I believe that there are many people out there who feel the same way. Mentally packing your suitcase and just going somewhere... 

I want to use this pain and energy and connect with you. Let's not suffer in silence and feel bad about it, let's do something about it. Again, in my world, this means creating. 

And since I love to connect with you through my art, I believe that my latest art work would put a big smile on your face and your mood will definitely be getting better with this. 

It's time to decorate your apartment and create some corners in your home which highlight things that make your heart happy, counting down the days when we are able to go back there to have the time of our lives. 

NYC is waiting for us...for me. I don't worry. I feel happy looking at my art now and just vibe it out! I bake my bagels here and while eating them, I close my eyes and dream myself to Tompkins Square, where I would usually go crazy eating NYC's best bagels. 

This is what NYC looks like in my mind. Would you agree? 

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Enjoy and happy NYC vibes to you!

*Thank you for your support and the love! Artists really need all the love they can get right now... we are going through this weird phase of life together now, so let's be good to each other and just support our loved ones!