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I don't know about you, but I am an absolute grocery shopping lover, freak, addict - whatever you want to call it! To be honest, I enjoy this more than clothes shopping or walking through the city, realizing that all this fast fashion and super high offer just doesn't make me happy. 

What really makes me happy is food. I love to eat and even sexier is the thought of heading to my favorite supermarket to get my dearest groceries or simply exploring new products. 

Going back and forth from Germany and the US, there are major differences when it comes to simple grocery shopping. I really love that we have such a huge variety of different supermarkets: very affordable places, luxurious supermarket experiences, or the very basic stuff we can all grab almost throughout the day. Aesthetically, the supermarkets here need a lot of extra classes and backlog, but I can really tell that the spreading of awareness when it comes to sustainability and regional products really shape and create a new aesthetic and style of the supermarkets here. Everything is getting a bit more modern and also the flexbility of their products is finally matching to our daily needs (let's say almost...). I remember how hard it was to find oat milk, when basically everybody was selling soy milk only. I couldn't afford buying soy milk every week, also it's not good for my body... 

There more I travelled to the US, the more I got a little frustrated. Getting to know their products, their varieties - it felt as if we are living in medieval times over here. Ugh. While I got my very favorite spots in the US to shop and experience crazy heartbeats, in Germany I am more or less running from  A to Z to grab and collect my things. 

Here, I have a strong budget that I don't want to stretch and I also have some things on my mind which matter to me when doing my groceries. I care about good and fresh quality of produce. I want my meat (if I decide to buy some...) to be good and qualitative well! I also like to enjoy seasonal things, special products which excite me to go to this place and have a warming shopping experience. 

One of the supermarkets which always gives me enough to feel happy is Aldi. 

I have always shopped at Aldi, since it was a very affordable place to go to in my neighborhood! Going there, I could find everything super easily and my budget was smiling beyond! Especially for meal prep, Aldi is a gem! I buy my meat, my milk, yogurts, oats, bagels, wraps - their selection was one of the first German supermarkets where you don't feel super German. They offer things which are enjoyed across the globe and I always find something new there which I am always excited to try. 

Aldi helped me getting my oat milk demand fixed, they offer the best Christmas candy selection for an unbeatable price and yes: this is the place where you buy your gingerbread!!! They are also the best supermarket offering Halloween things and candies... as a Halloween fan it is so sad to see that still there's such a tiny selection in Germany. 
They sell very delicious produce with a huge variety - I love to buy their produce which has a little beauty issue and wouldn't be sold somewhere else. 
And most importantly...my sister shared this secret with me: the coconut chocolate ice cream which is below 2€ is the absolute best cheap and high quality ice-cream we need! This summer, the ice cream was sold-out 24/7... it's crazy. I am so happy finding gems like this, trying new things at Aldi or simply staying with the things I need for a daily grocery run! 

Today I want to share some things with you which are basically on my shopping list ALL THE TIME! I did this already with some favorite products I buy in my favorite US grocery chains and if you know me well, you will guess that I am also planning to do this with many German chains. 

Since Aldi is in my top 3, I want to share my favorite products which always make me happy. Dear German Aldi shoppers, maybe you find some inspiration today, or maybe you can also teach me. Is there something I am missing out? 

Let's explore this first. 

1. Oat milk, y'all. One of the first places that finally made my heart happy. Today, I am even buying their chocolate oat milk more, because I love to enjoy a rich mocha style coffee and it's also a good base for my protein shakes after an exhausting workout. The milk is very affordable, very delicious, and so often sold-out, hahaha, people know what's good! 

2. Crackers. I know this sounds very boring to you, but I love to snack and I am often on the run and feel too lazy to go somewhere and spend all my money. At home, I have a little box in which I hoard my favorite snacking things like seaweed, pistachios, oreos, and also crackers. I think this is something which I basically kept close to my heart after leaving kindergarten. I always snacked crackers and eating some when I feel my belly getting busy or eating them with a good bowl of soup is sometimes beyond basic, but these are the things that make me happy. These crackers are the bomb. I really don't ask for a lot, so this snack simply satisfies. You'll get three of these packages packed together as one and they actually last longer than a week, so I don't need to buy them every week! 

3. Yogurt. Ughhh. I do like yogurt, but there are days where I am simply not in the mood for a Greek yogurt. Eating this almost every day, I feel a bit bored. One day, I discovered Aldi's lactose free! passion fruit and peach yogurt! Oh my god. I tried passionfruit yogurt for the first time in Cape Town and after I got back I was so sad that we don't have such a product here in Germany. Aldi heard my prayers and yo, this yogurt here is the bomb! I mean it's even lactose free! It kind of reminds me of "Fruchtzwerge" a German kids yogurt that is flavored either way in apricot, banana, raspberry, and other flavors. Aldi, good job! Passionfruit is always the best option to start your day with ~ 

4. Hummus! Aldi's hummus selection is sooo good! Their pumpkin hummus is something I have been celebrating forever! Oh, I can't even tell you how much I love it! I started using it just to dip my veggies, but I also added it to pasta or used it as a pizza sauce to give it a special kick! Earlier, I wasn't a big hummus fan, but the combination of pumpkin and hummus does something to your mouth! If you haven't had this so far, run to your next Aldi. 

5. This last product for today is something I recently explored and fell in love with. I told you earlier that many supermarkets are getting more and more sustainable. When it comes to home products I never buy them at supermarkets, since I am not sure about their quality and real sustainable aspect plus footprint. Recently, I walked pass this dishwashing detergent and I was hooked by the label: green action. I have not heard about this before, or maybe I was ignorant. This is the best dishwasher detergent I ever used! It's free from microplastics, it's plant-based, and the plastic bottle is made of recycled plastic... I tried the "balsam" fragrance and this smells like fresh cotton - laundry vibes. Oh god, this is really amazing! Did I mention that I paid less than 1€? My dishes are CLEAN and your girl is happy! Danke Aldi! 

I just love to know that there are products out there which make me happy and my wallet as well. We don't need the crazy things that make us poor! Especially in those hard times right now I am happy to have Aldi very close to my home, so I can make sure I always get my favorite things, snacks, and treats which give me the best pleasure. 

I will always browse your shelves, Aldi, and I am sure I will always find something new! I just love grocery shopping and mabye I can inspire you to not see grocery shopping as a burden anymore. It's fun, it's creative, and so soul-pleasing. 

Food and the gut are very close friends, so if you have a supermarket that sells great things, your gut will be happy to enjoy these, which will definitely infect your mood and vibes! 

It's all connected! 

Again, if you have something to share with me which I neeeeeeed to try, write me! I can't wait hearing from you! 

Happy grocery shopping!