12:17 PM 

I am deeply in love with coffee and I have to admit that life without coffee is unimaginable for me. I remember I once tried to take a break from it, but then, after coming back, I fell even heavier. I explored coffee in the world of desserts and I started to learn the difference of diverse coffee beans. I became a die-hard coffee freak. And I love it. 

My first coffee machine was my dad's old Nespresso machine, but fastly, I also investigated in sustainable coffee brewing and got myself a very simple Chemex coffee drip machine. I love smelling freshly brewed coffee and watching it drip slowly is a very meditative activity, but somehow, my Nespresso machine is the only machine in my kitchen that makes me feel complete. 

I want my coffee to be rich and creamy. I want my coffee to be done in a second and I love to watch its shades of brown and black floating in my favorite cup. 

This year, my dad's machine died and I got myself a new one. I am back enjoying my favorite capsules and I am back investigating even harder. 

My sustainable heart struggles a little bit, ordering more and more capsules and using so much aluminium. More and more people complain about the waste that is created from companies like Nespresso - but let's talk facts, how bad is this really? How green is Nespresso and what can we do to make this experience a healthier one for Mother Nature? 

One important thing that always comes up is the problem with aluminium. Is this even good for the planet? Can capsules be recycled? Too many companies produce aluminium trash which isn't recycled well - how is this being green? I know. A lot to discuss here and it's important to cover this! Fact is that Nespresso uses aluminium for their capsules to keep the coffee fresh and protect it from light and moisture. Aluminium is light weight and also such a good material that there's nothing else needed to further wrap the coffee - less usage of material and easier logistic planning. 

Having only one material to recycle, it's easier for us customers to really end the life cycle of a capsule right. It's our part to get rid of the aluminium capsules by recycling them at home in the right trash can (Germany...it's the yellow one...) or at Nespresso boutiques around the world. Very easy. In 25 countries across the globe, Nespresso even offers a recycling @ home program where messengers pick up your used capsules easily so you don't have to do the work... as you can see, there are many options! 

The last months, I am deeply researching my carbon footprint and I try to understand what I can do to reduce it and be more efficient with water, electricity, and whatever I use at home. It's not only good for my wallet, but also for Mother Nature. 

I am more than happy that my new Nespresso machine is energy efficient which makes me use less power and my machine is behaving in a green way that makes basically everyone happy. 

Some machines got a stand-by botton or they automatically go off - my machine turns itself off after 9 minutes and with this it uses 60% less power than other machines. I love this! It's the small things that make a change! 

One thing I have been fighting for forever is sustainability - this is an aspect more and more companies focus on. Why? Because it matters! 

We already talked about sustainable packaging, but sustainability actually involves so much more! What about sustainable resources and ingredients? Sustainable work flows and sustainable production? 

Quality and sustainability is a beautiful couple that goes hand in hand at Nespresso. In 2003, Nespresso started the Sustainable Quality Program™ which focuses on environment protection, social justice, and economic viability. Talking about these aspects, Nespresso also focuses on Fairtrade - cooperating with farmers to take care of them and also receiving high quality products in return. The farmers are being socially protected, especially from nature impacts which create harvest shortage. 

That's really nice, but what does coffee have to do with sustainability?? As already mentioned, the working conditions to actually produce and harvest coffee must be sustainable to start creating a sustainable coffee journey. You can't start this somewhere in between the production chain... it has to start at the beginning. That's why Nespresso supports coffee farmers in 14 countries where they get to learn about sustainable farming, water management, and the planting of trees. 

I love that companies are more open to share their approaches and their ideas to be more green today. I know it must be a big move to change from old patterns into something that has a huge impact on so many levels. But, fact is, we need this. We need this now more than ever! Our planet is screaming for more green alternatives or a way to keep the planet as climate friendly as possible. 

Since my coffee consume is very high, I was doing this research only for myself to understand the company and their ideas better. Now that I am very in love with this approach, I wanted to share this with you and I hope that this little investigation is a tiny help for you to understand the myths and speculations about Nespresso and the general usage of coffee capsules, too.

I guess there are many coffee enthusiasts who'd like to help the earth to heal and not pollute it any further. 

Also there is so much guessing and fake fact spreading - why not learning about it now, before listening to the things some people just gossip about? We need education and the info to understand everything right. Without a new input, we cannot change things. 

Here's the input. Voilà.

I hope we can make the world of coffee a very green one in the future! 

Nespresso, kudos to you and your great approach! I will follow along and I'm always excited to see what else is being added in the future!