10:44 AM 

I can't hide this fact: I am addicted to coffee and anything that deals with it! All my life, I have been using my beloved Nespresso machine that I once got from my dad. It was a very simple one, but I couldn't stop dreaming about the creamiest and best coffee I had - it fulfilled all my fantasies. 

Unfortunately, my machine died some months ago and so I got a new cute baby. Having a new addition to my home, I finally wanted to create a special set up: a nice place with all my coffee capsules being beautifully organized. Here you can see a past set up that I used to have in my studio, but now I wanted something else. 

I am not an expert on what kind of capsule dispensers exist out there, but I also don't want something that is too much in my face. My coffee place is actually mixed with my creative corner, so it should express calmness and recreation. I browsed for so long finding a perfect display for my capsules, when one day, I finished using the free capsule collection Nespresso often sells with a new machine and an idea hit me...

The capsules looked so cute organized and pretty in this little box and I wondered where I could buy a thing like this for my future capsules. 

In my crafting box I found a leftover sheet of cork that you can easily apply on surfaces and things - why not using this and covering the box I already have? Yes, good idea!! You know how much I love upcycling and being nice to our dear Mother Earth! 

I took my cork paper and some black tape and in 20 minutes my beautiful and very unique Nespresso capsule box was done!

I covered the box from all sides with the cork and thought that the black tape would give it a classy and smooth finish, since this matches perfectly to my machine. 

In my art corner, there's not a lot of space for thousands of capsules, but I think this is the right size to display some and create an inspiring and appetizing atmosphere. 

Now I feel happier than ever! I did not need to spend some more money to find a great dispenser and I could easily upcycle something that was super handy to me already.


Nespresso is already a very sustainable or green directed company, so I am glad that projects like this make the circle complete. 

I just love my coffee space and I enjoy crafting things like this, reminding you that you don't need to throw away everything. I know there are many people out there who buy Nespresso machines - if you happen to have this 14 capsules box in your machine package as well, make this your perfect dispenser for future slurpings as well! You will be more than satisfied and you can show off to anyone who still struggles to find the best dispenser! 

What do you think?