11:14 AM Happy new month! Happy September and only the best to you! A new month always brings a lot of new energy and motivation along, why not using it? 
Well, this month, we will get a couple of new things and this may be a lot to some of you. Summer comes to an end, fall is already knocking at our doors, it gets cold and our mood and vibes might be a little mixed - that's normal during a seasonal change. 

I already noticed that I feel a bit more sleepy since it's getting more cloudy and gloomy here, but I still try to enjoy every hour of sunshine that is visiting me in my living room. Summer's not over yet, so don't feel sad or disencouraged. 

But a serious question here: how are you feeling? We are trying to master month after month, trying to not give up, fighting to not be depressed or let mood swings conquer the daily. 
The year is running right now - from September to December is only a little step left and that's it. The year will be over then. We all did not expect this year to be like this, but we had to accept this situation. Many of us are still adapting, even though "normality" tries to come back and wants to make us feel safe. 
Across the world it looks different though and I understand that we all go through different pains right now. 

I am living through my own little nightmare right now and I try to not lose my mind... A tough thing, but something tells me that I have the power to conquer it (maybe not right now, but just keep focusing on the path that is in front of me). 

I have the motivation.
I have the knowledge about my body. 
I have the tools to go this path. 

I might hike through a lot of dirt right now, but that only means that I will get to see beauty soon. 

And I know that so many out there experience the same feeling. 
It doesn't matter if you are sick, or still disconnected to your loved ones, you might have lost your job, you just ended a relationship - anything is happening right now, what's important is the fact to stay positive and not give up believing in the good things in life. 

So many days, I woke up feeling negative. I am crying, releasing all my pain, my head hurts, I experience panic attacks, I got crazy anxieties, sleepless nights, my body is shaking, I even stutter sometimes when I feel super anxious and then, when my body gives me a break. I wonder what's left, when will this pain be over and when will I feel like a free butterfly again? 

Fact is that I never listen to myself, haha. I tell myself to not focus on the negative, because this only motivates my body to cramp and feel weird, showing me all kinds of side-effects. I am used to focusing on the negative, because it's sometimes easier to just accept the situation and swallow the pain down. 
We take the pain.

But we don't have to.
(I still need to learn this, too) 
We need to rule out negativity. 
Bye-bye negative thoughts, mood swings, and whatever is keeping us from being happy and pain-free. 
Say yes to positivity. 

I know this sounds so easy, but we need to tell this ourselves everyday. 
We might have a bad day, we might feel sad, and we might feel pain: it's okay to feel this pain and go through it, but at the same time we need to understand that we can turn this pain into something positive. Motivation, energy, or just reflecting on the things we already have. 
I am healthy, I have a home, I have food to eat - is this something to feel sad about? No. 

Here are some ideas to start ruling out negativity out of your daily. 
Let's practice this together. 
I know it can be tough, but this is a learning process and the journey will bring you a lot of knowledge, love, and good vibes. 

1. When negativity hits us, think about with whom you surround yourself with. Sometimes people influence your mood or the environment does not give you the perfect setting to flourish and grow. Think about this and if you can talk to the people who are toxic to you to release the negativity or just leave this behind you. Let your whole circle be full of love and good vibes! You create this and you don't have to suffer, just because some people like to make you suffer and feel bad. 
2. Listen to yourself, because you know yourself best. Self-talk is something that matters the most! Create a mantra which you can always tell yourself when you feel negative or low. Cheer for yourself, give yourself a pat on your shoulder and tell your negative thoughts that there's no room to stay! Because you know better... you always do! 
3. Shift your focus. Sometimes we give tiny things too much energy! What a waste of time! Shift your focus on something that really matters and watch your tiny issues just disappear. 
4. With self-talk and shifting your focus, gratitude comes along as well! As I already mentioned above, we should never forget how far we've come! There might be something happening in your life, but that doesn't mean that all the other things you have worked for don't matter anymore! Practice gratitude. Take some deep breaths and be thankful for the good things and great people in your life. This feeling will make your heart beyond warm and you will slowly forget about your negative mood. 
5. Keep it real, yo! Mind over matter is something that I am currently learning a lot! Train your mind! I know there's always a lot of stuff happening inside of our minds and chaos is only well organized by the genius, haha. No, to be serious, many feel overwhelmed with a messy or chaotic mind. Thoughts just pop-up and we don't know what to do. We believe everything needs the same attention and especially energy, but that's not true. 
Clean your mess up there, set priorities, and work on your tabs or pop-ups step by step. 

Today is the first morning where I feel a bit more relaxed and awake. 
I never know what the next day brings and sometimes my body surprises me with the weirdest shit. I know what you all go through, or I can at least offer my compassion for you.
Know that I am not perfect either and I want to share things like this so that you know that you are never alone. 
I will heal all my life and I know I will experience many days in the future, where I will feel like a piece of shit - just because. What will be great about this then is the fact that I know myself better to react right and listen to my body's signals. 

This September, I might focus a little more on my mental health. From once a week journaling, I might switch it up to every day. Maybe I am less online, maybe I am drawing more, maybe I will try to test my shin and go back running... feel free to do so, too, 
Every day, I will stop myself and practice gratitude, highlighting positive things that are in my life. Let's see how much power, light, and inspiration this will bring along! 

Feel free to exchange!
I'm always around to chat ~