8:45 AM After another year of 9/11 passing, I feel super nostalgic this year and I miss being out there more than ever. 
I really enjoy travelling, even though my travel focus has become New York in the last years, I just love to know that I can go there back and forth. It's been 10 months for me... and my heart is aching a bit to be honest. 

On the other hand, I am trying to practice gratitude, telling myself that I am healthy and safe over here. The whole world needs to chill and practice gratitude, patience, and so much more. Health is so important right now and so I am exploring my home here a bit further and browse myself through my camera cards. There are plenty of happy vibes on my cards and I thought it's the perfect time to share some more with you! 

I always love to spark NYC vibes and make you fall in love with it, too. If you happen to miss NYC just as much as I do, feel invited to look at these images smiling and dreaming. 

We will be back on the road soon! Together we can get through this ~ Some NYC postcards from me to you!

I ❤️ New York! 
See you soon!