8:48 PM After sharing a lot about my latest mental state and my little ups and downs, I don't want to focus on my "bad days", I also want to highlight something which has made me more than excited the last months. 

The pandemic has brought a lot of life-changes for me and as many others, I find myself in a state where everything feels so uncertain and weird. I experienced a lot, I heard a lot. I read a lot. There was a lot I needed to understand and go through. 

So many things bothered me that I decided to write our government, reaching out to schools and learning institutions, but all I got in return was decline, ignorance, or no answer. 
Since I am a Sagittarius with the biggest heart, I fastly decided to stay in my lane, not putting pressure on anyone out there (because somehow people are still not ready for this). 

I want to help and teach the world about things we shouldn't forget about. Times are hard enough and as we can see on our TVs, so many problems are existing that we don't need. If we could only be more kind. If we could only be more mindful. 

The mental health cases numbers are still rising right now and so many people feel overwhelmed with this situation. Either way all by themselves or they feel pain through domestic violence... a lot is happening and it's a shame that this is tolerated. 

I am trying to share a lot of things here on OFF COLOR, but I also want to take it a step further now. My heart has always screamed for publishing and if you are a long reader, you know that this website once focused on being an online magazine - spreading content and things for all the beautiful lovebirds out there. 

I miss these days sometimes. 

I wanted to dip my feet in that pool again and see what I can do during these weird times.

If the government isn't listening to me, then I will be a rebel and still spread my word and I will do this as beautifully as I can. 

You know me: I love aesthetics and I love to create things that don't need  alot of communication. This here is the perfect project that turned to a passionate life message. 

I am publishing my first book. 

Yes, I will self-publish and that's why I need a little extra time, I guess, but it will be there sooner than you think! 

I'm actually in the final stages and I can't wait to share more info! 
I'd love to talk about every chapter already, but today, I just wanted to tell you what I am currently doing in my office. 

Hopefully you will like this as much as I do! 
Happy weekend to all of you ~