9:10 AM Did this interior trend already hit you? Shelfie, oh shelfie, everywhere I am looking, I see beautiful houses, apartments, and creative spaces where people put all their hearts into decorating their shelves. 
Back in the days, especially when we were kids, it was normal to put thousands of shelves inside the room which would gather all our toys, books, trophies, and whatever we were collecting and hoarding. Ikea's Billy shelf was my best friend. From book shelf to shoe shelf, to a shelf that shall highlight my favorite belongings or my cameras - I was creative. Who wasn't? I think all of us can say that once in our lives we have owned a Billy shelf. 

Now when we are getting older, we don't care about finding a lot of furniture that can keep our belongings, we finally create a desire for organizing and adding a perfect touch to a room. 

Some people like to highlight their vinyls, because they want to share their love for music. Others want to express their passion for travelling through displaying souvenirs from far away. 

Every shelf becomes a statement piece and curating it the right way is something that is fun to everyone, I guess. 

This is a challenge I always love to accept and to be honest, I think shelves are a great pleasure of interior design. 

Not only to keep my anxiety low, but also to satisfy my heart - decorating my shelf with the right things, colors, and shapes is all that matters to me! 

And oh boy, how cool is it that people from everywhere share their shelf love, nowadays, too! 
It's getting colorful, funky, monotone, and heavily dedicated. 
Currently, my favorite shelf in my living room is rocking a very clean rainbow vibe, but looking at these ideas below, I get some fresh inspiration to to redecorate a little bit. 

From living room to kitchen... I can't stop browsing for more inspiration like this! Wow, wow, wow! 

Inspirations via 1,2,3

How does your shelfie love look like? I'm curious to see more inspiration!
Happy decorating and happy visual pleasure for everyone ~