3:42 PM The last couple of months and especially when moving to my current place, I realized how much furniture people buy or throw away, just like that. 
There's always a reason to go to IKEA and it seems like interior things are living the same life as fashion. Fast consume all the way... 

I wanted to get some very fancy things for my new place, but somehow I couldn't deal with me spending all my money for things I only own for a short amount of time. I already owned a lot and everything was still functioning, so why throw it away? That doesn't make sense. 

For my studio/ office, I was dreaming about a beautiful table for my computer session, but I also couldn't believe the prices I saw. I continued thinking and kept staring at my old desk: a white table with an ugly coffee stain on. Still, I liked it. It did what it's supposed to do. 

Another day, another idea, and I was happy to finally know what to do with my table. I got four new legs in a beautiful black metal finish and I got myself some tiny mosaic tiles. Not only are they super cheap, but so easy to put on! 

During a casual weekend, I put everything together. I prepared the table, removed some stains and whatever else was on top, and glued the tiles all over. After a day of drying, I applied the filling in-between the tiles and let everything sit a bit longer! I jammed to some great tunes on my Sonos and finally cleaned all the dirty spots from the table to make it shine - et voilà. That's how easy it was!! 

And even better, this project was super cheap - cheaper than a new table. 
I am glad I went super simple and got the white tiles which match so perfectly to my interior and the general vibe! With this I can combine all great colors, plants, and things I need on my desk. 

For my first upcycling project I have to say that this was a huge success and I feel more than intrigued to upcycle more furniture I own! 

Think about it. 
Do you have any piece of furniture at home which could need a new look? 

When decluttering and re-decorating your home, think about what you really need and what you already own. Some paint, tiles, and even wallpaper can make big changes! 

Believe me.
Test it! 

Happy DIY and please slow down the fast consume for our Mother Nature! 
We can change a lot together!