10:34 AM Let's be clear right in the beginning: I am not into this huge wave of food trends and also I am actually not a big fan of avocado toast - it's a mood thing! 

Somehow, this year, I am turning to a full avocado lover, basically an avocado toast lover, haha. The avocados are very cheap the last months, so I always grabbed a handful, thinking that I could make the most delicious brownie or guac. It turned out that I rather made myself some avocado toast, realizing that this trend is actually very delicious and awesome once you got the right ingredients and components together. 

What turns me on is to stand in my kitchen and create the best version which I won't get at any restaurant out there. Also, way cheaper ~ yes, let's save some money together! 

The simple avocado toast never convinced me, but this! Hello sexiness! ~ 

The secret of a good avocado toast is complex and there are so many things which are connected. What bread are you using, how will you work with the bread, and what seasoning will make you want to scream for more? 

I tested a lot.
This version here is something that excites me and it makes me so happy eating it. 

Meet my ultimate avocado toast. Find out what special thing I add that needs to be added to ANY avocado toast. 


2 slices of toast / bread (I love some good German bread, or some sourdough bread) + maple syrup + 1 avocado + salt & pepper + lemon juice + everything but the bagel seasoning + half of a mango + tahini 

1. Did you read through the ingredients? Oh yeah, I know you want this now, too! 
2. Let's prepare the avocado fun first. Half your avocado and with the help of a spoon, scrape out the delicious green parts. In a bowl, mash the avocado pieces together with some lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Test it and see if you need more seasoning! 
3. Cut your mango into chunks and set it aside. 
4. Let's turn to the second star of this beautiful dish: the bread. a.) If you use fresh bread, you can throw it into your toaster and toast it for a couple of minutes to create a crunchy texture. My favorite version is the toaster, because I got less to clean. b.) but you can also throw your slices into your pan and let it heat up for a couple of minutes until it gets a nice color (use a grill pan so it turns to a striped goddess). To put it simple: make your bread crunchy and sexy!
5. As soon as your bread is toasted or roasted in the pan, drizzle a looot of maple sryup on top. (For the people who toast the bread in the pan, feel free to add the maple syrup here already, but make sure to not burn it... that's why I would always add it afterwards). 
6. Look at the beautiful amber color that is running on top of your bread. Now add the mashed avocado on your bread and spread it evenly. 
7. Avocado needs a little fruity friend, so add some mango chunks and place them wherever you'd love to see them. 
8. For some extra flavor and sexiness, sprinkle everything but the bagel seasoning above the ingredients. This is the best seasoning for a "boring avocado". Feel free to add a lot of this!! 
9. To finish off right... drizzle some tahini above and look at this baby for a second! Look what you have created ~ 

This avocado bread-toast-thing over here is the winner! 
Excuse me for this, but imagine: creamy avocado, sweet mango, sweet and smoky maple syrup, an explosion of flavors with the everything but the bagel seasoning...mhmm and then tahini!! If you are not a fan of tahini, feel free to skip this step! 

Will you test this version? 
Maybe you will find some inspiration today and there's one tiny thing here that you will add to your already ultimate avocado toast! 

This is not a negative shout-out to the restaurants, this is rather a motivation for anyone out there to know that you are capable to create something like this all by yourself! 

Let's eat! 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Brot — bread.