How can this be the last post of August already? Tomorrow is September and it feels like summer ends in a couple of seconds and fall will fully take over. It kinda is... fall is closer than we think. 

Dunkin is teasing us with pumpkin spice already and I also saw some Christmas candy in my local supermarket. Yes, the season is here ~ 
Are you ready? 

Whenever a new season is approaching, I feel like decluttering! Going through many things I own, checking what I can get rid off or what special thing I need to add right now. 
Since it's getting cosy soon and we will spend some more time inside, I believe it's the perfect opportunity to cover yourself with some new books.

Books are life. No matter the season. And thank god, there are so many to choose from. 

We are still in a crisis as well, many of us have been reading beyond our limits the last months, but let me tell you: there's still enough material to discover.
And today I want to emphasize on something special that is very dear to my heart: philosophy books. 

I've always loved philosophy books! They developed my deep and dear love for books, but most importantly knowledge. I fell in love with knowledge and info. Info on who we are, where we come from, and what great things happened the time before us which is a huge x to so many. Philosophy is covering so much and we can take a lot from it, so many out there just don't know yet. 

When I meet new people and they ask me about my books or what I am interested in, they fastly put me in a box and label me, just because I am interested in philosophy. "That's too high," "too complicated, silly, psycho - nothing for me." Ok, I understand and respect your opinion, but the people who make it something bad never really read anything about philosophy. 

The good thing is that we can change this. 

We all need to read philosophy books in our lives. 
They can heal.
They can help.
They can teach us. 

And even if we are the ones who say that this language is too high for us, I get that, but with routine, you are all learning and understanding this better. (Don't let this stop you!) 

So what are we taking from this? 

What would you say if I told you that philosophy books are important for your mental health? 
Yeah, I never thought about this really, but watching this YouTube video lately. I needed to personally investigate further. 

I think all of my philosophy books helped me understanding myself better and having a more positive feeling towards life. 

It always depends on what you are reading, but I highly recommend everyone to invest in a couple of wise words from the past. 
May it be teachings on happiness or questions and answers about our origin - with philosophy we can elevate ourselves and enjoy a beautiful life with more knowledge, values, and drive. 
Who knows what philosophy would do to you, but to me it changed everything. I changed my perspective on life and I love learning about values and morals. 

Again, to me, this is life. 
And I am beyond grateful for all those smart minds who wrote down all of these words. 
Maybe you'll find some great inspiration today as well! 

Happy reading and happy mental healing!