6:43 PM Hey there, I hope you are doing pretty well today! We have already reached the halftime of July... this is summer's climax and I can't believe how Corona turns this world upside down and time is just passing us by (is it just me who thinks that time goes by too fast right now?)
We still have to get used to so many things and we still spend a lot of time at home. 
I get that - we are on the same boat! 

What am I doing right now? Well, I spent another day in my kitchen, doing a biiiig clean up (yeah, again). When organizing my Stasher bags, I remembered that many people are currently discussing plastic-free July and I thought about what I am doing this month to stay focused when it comes to conscious material usage. 

My plastic consume is still reduced, not perfect, but I am very motivated to always add more things to my home. The more green, the more life! 

Due to the crisis, I kow that many people are lately using more plastic, especially restaurants and shops need the cheapest material to survive. I get that, but we also have to keep in mind that we can't jump back and forwards every 2 days. 

What I also hear very often is that people don't know where to look for the perfect plastic-free products. They are either way too expensive, or not available in their country, or any other reason. Again, I feel you - I started like this, too, but research and a lot of dedication will show you that no matter where you are, you can get the best and very sustainable home products to have a happy life! 

Yes, today I will make it beyond easy for you by sharing some great shops and online businesses which dedicate their lives to a greener and better future for our planet. 

Let's make our homes plastic-free! 

  • Active and lounge wear label Girlfriend Collective 
  • Personal care brand by Humankind 
  • Getting to know the world of sustainable living with Package Free Shop
  • Bottles and on-the-go gear for thirsty and hungry beings with Klean Kanteen 
  • Sustainable food, snacks, and pantry go-to's with Patagonia Provisions
  • Recreation and outdoor essentials from Kinfield
  • The perfect sleeping situation with Avocado mattresses
  • Interior dreams with The Citizenry
  • More interior dreams with Made Trade
  • And because I can't get enough.... more interior with Goodee
  • My favorite lifestyle and bag brand Baggu - from grocery to daily and travelling must-haves
  • A beautiful online world all about lifestyle and homegoods from London with Wearth  
  • Korean and European design and interior things sold from Santokki, Berlin
  • Earthhero - the wonderland for anything sustainable!! 
  • The cleanest beauty and bathroom products I know come from Lush ~ one of my absolute favorites! 
  • Toilet paper brand reel is also something to look out for! 
  • Sustainable underwear and bathing supply from nude
  • Cleaning yourself happy with Target's Everspring collection (my absolute absolute absolute favorite!!!)  
  • Healthy, sustainable home essentials, delivered to your doorstep with Grove 
  • Kitchen fun is so much better and easier now with Stasher bags - you can cook with them, take them on the go, or freeze things inside

In times like this, it's also good to support small business to show them that we care! Today, we have so many great options to choose from - the products we want are out there, we just have to find them! Share this with your family and friends and inspire everyone else who has never heard of the term sustainability! 

I hope this tiny guide helps you! 
Let's change this planet by finally healing it!