8:59 AM Long time no talking about recovery - special recovery. I never thought that recovery would become such an important aspect of my life. I started this recovery journey actually to improve my running, to heal my body when I work out too much and too crazy... My active lifestyle should be a sweet company and not a painful hobby. 

But over the last years, I also realized that recovery is dealing with so much more than my shin pain, or tense muscles. 

I stretched the field of recovery into my mental recovery, spiritual connection, and anything active that comes along. 

To stay mentally fit, I simply need to be active. A lesson I actually know, but sometimes I need to tell myself again. 

Since this year has been quiet a catastrophe for so many people out there, I tried to "find back to my normal" by re-introducing routines that once gave me the best motivation, drive, and happy vibes: I started running again. Serious running. Not just running a little bit and watch the birds pass by. 

I made a little detox to prepare my body to perform in the right manner again. I ate healthy, I pushed my system with ingredients that influence my performance, and I just started to get myself to know again. I might have gained a little weight during quarantine and even though I was out a lot, hiking, walking around, I felt that this relationship needs a lot of work now...
Running was my passion and somehow a life-changer in so many aspects. I never pushed it away from me, but sometimes I just needed to pause, or find joy in other activities. 
But here I was again. I really wanted to do this again. Feeling pleasure in checking my pace, feeling my body work, and just being free outside under the hot summer sun! 

From June to July, I've been back on track, taking some runs definitely too serious, but I have to admit that the vibes that running give me is something else. 

And because this high is something I don't want to miss right now, I need to help my body recover in the best way possible. 
A run is fun, but the real work starts after running. Taking care that you cool down perfectly, treat your body, stretch more, eat and hydrate beyond! 

My running has been so intense that I started to add a very special ingredient to my recovery list. The perfect ingredient for summer running: pineapple juice. 
How is juice the perfect medicine for recovery? 

Yeah, I know. Sometimes it can be so easy. 
Holy pineapple, what's up with you? 

1. Well, no fat and super low in calories, I can snack you all damn day and I feel satisfied and refreshed.
2. Pineapple is a powerhouse of micronutrients as well: it’s rich in vitamin C, which plays an important role in tissue growth and healing.
3. It has a good amount of dietary fiber and is an excellent source of the trace mineral manganese, which the body requires in small amounts throughout the day. 
4. Also let's not ignore the fact that it contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that aids in the digestion of protein. This means it helps the body digest protein more efficiently. 
5. Our muscle soreness can be reduced by simply adding more pineapple to our nutrition. It will reduce inflammation (swelling!!) and it may have an impact on aching muscles

This sounds like my perfect workout miracle. 
The best thing is that this recovery tool can be actually used before and after the workout, so don't wait to drink pineapple juice after your workout, you can surely start before to give your body the right amount of energy which is needed during your sweat session! 

I have to repeat myself again: healing is so sexy. This kind of healing and recovery is so easy and so powerful - what are we waiting for? 

Let's heal together! ~