8:47 AM I want to talk about a very big passion of mine today. Maybe it came to my mind, because I am running out of these buddies again, but somehow my snacking mood got a bit bigger during these weird times.

I have always been a fan of salty and crunchy snacks that would give me comfort and a taste experience that would simply make me happy. As a kid, eating chips was a very special highlight since my parents didn't buy them often, so when one bag was there, I dived in to this world and felt like on cloud 9.

Luckily, my taste changed and my hunger for chips went off (at least a little bit). If someone would gift me a bag of sour cream and onion chips, I wouldn't say no... but my other gluten-free favorite chips are only available in the US, so I don't have a big temptation when it comes to salty snacks...

Until I met seaweed.
I saw it at an Asian store one day and I was simply curious. Some Asian stores even sell seaweed in different flavors, just like a bag of chips: hot chili, BBQ, or meaty flavors.

Eating my first seaweed felt really weird, but somehow the salty taste got me hooked and here we are today. 

Even though seaweed's smell and look is not my dear favorite, I feel very happy when I can sneak a pack into my bag and snack them when I'm on the run, or I treat myself after a long day of hard work.

I love the tiny snacking boxes where you get some sheets which will make you full, not like a bag of chips where you open a bag and can't stop until you reached the bottom of the bag...

I just love seaweed and I would say that this is definitely in my top 5 of all-time favorite snacks. Wow!

Somehow, I feel like I'm the only one going crazy about seaweed. I don't know many people who eat this. Why?

Did you know about the benefits? Or shall we start at a little introduction?

Well, I guess we all know what seaweed is - seaweed is a form of algae that grows in the sea. It's the optimal food source for ocean life and there are so many different types of seaweed. 
I bet many of you only know the flavor of seaweed through sushi and because of that, there are many people who refuse to eat seaweed, because the texture of it as a sushi roll might be something else. 

What I often get to hear is that it's fishy and ew. Well, no it's not. As simple as that. Just turn your brains off ~ 

You can surely create your own sushi at home with it, but you can also put it into soups, cook stock, throw it into your smoothie or salads. The fact that it's plant-based and super high in protein, should make your heart beat faster by now. 

Okay, let's talk some benefits as well. You'll get plenty of iodine and tyrosine which helps improving your thyroid function and also it gathers many vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants which are found in the vitamins are very important to protect your body from cell damage. Additionaly, seaweed also contains lots of fiber and also sugar which is used as a food source for the bacteria in your gut. 
It seems like seaweed is the best partner to nourish the body, feel healthy, and eat something that feels like a nasty treat, but it's actually just a positive for the body. 
Do we love this? Yes, of course!

More seaweed, yo!!! 

So what shall I get? Which seaweed is the best? 
This is a personal thing and everyone has an own taste, so you better test yourself through the different types of seaweed. 

We eat it when we head out for sushi and you can also find it in the snack section - the little sheets that come in hand-sized boxes. 

Sometimes it is also known as kombu. Many stores sell it as powder which is brilliant for smoothies, but you can also get kelp noodles, or also dashi, which is a Japanese stock that is used for miso soup. 

Ever tried seaweed salad? Wakame is the seaweed that is mostly used for it. 

An extra tip I found online is that added kombu to dried beans helps breaking down the sugars in the beans which would normally cause gas. 
I bet there are many more tips out there what beautiful magic seaweed can make - feel free to share! 

For now, I hope that I could make you a little curious to head to your next Asian store to cover yourself with plenty of seaweed! 

Explore this exciting snack and nourish yourself from the inside-out!

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