8:03 AM  What a refreshing weekend! I hope everyone is doing well and you get to enjoy some sunshine - take in all of the vitamin, because it benefits your mental health ~

One thing that always makes me happy and super excited is something I have been sneeking into the OFF COLOR studio Instagram page and I also shared one or two posts here - way too little. 

I'm talking about interior and design. 
I enjoyed talking about it when we were releasing the OFF COLOR magazine, because I wanted to
spread the word about art, photography, architecture, and especially design. I was pushing this topic beyond. It's a pleasure, inspiration, and an oasis for my heart. 
Today, I only hoard thousands of interior inspirations on my computer... that's it.

I love design and interior, and since I am back pushing this on our gram, we should include those beautiful visuals to the blog as well! Now, I even understand that this is a big matter of mental or general health.

A happy home is what everyone needs to heal. 

Let's inspire each other, show some great interior ideas, and create the perfect happy place for ourselves. 

Since we are spending a lot of time at home right now, I believe that our homes should feel less stressful and more like a very powerful resource of calm and relaxation. 
How does a perfect cozy place look like in your opinion? What's important to have a good and comfortbale time at home? 

Well, here are some ideas for a little stay at home time comfiness ~ It's all about the perfect vibe.

What else would you add here? 

I captured some items that I would totally add to my home to create a good amount of coziness and a lot of comfort for the times where we need it the most!
I am simply in love with anything earthy - the more you surround yourself with earthy colors, the better you feel! This is the perfect vibe that helps you balance and recharge.

Basket - Smallable Home | Molecule Candle - Andrej Urem | Cup - Hay | Bird House - Dille Kamille | Couch - Made | Vase - Smallable Home | Candle - Malin + Goetz | Plant Pot - Made | Relaxing Chair - Ferm Living | Rug - Lorena Canals

Clean your home, re-decorate, remove furniture, and add new highlights to your home! Say hi to new plants and yes, the bird house above is something great you can add to your home, too! Surround yourself with nature to connect closer and feel freeeee ~

I hope some images and inspirations like this will make you feel a bit happier at home! This will be life-changing while staying at home forever right now! Believe me! 

Let's discuss more soon! 

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