6:11 PM For today's post I was thinking of our current happenings and what we have to do to create a better future for everyone.
You know me and my beloved argument or description of myself: I'm a Sagittarius and I love to fight about anything that is unfair to me. I love justice and using my voice and creativity for it.

I find myself way too often awake or a bit off, stopping and thinking of what is actually going on right now.
I don't want to believe in what situation we find ourselves in. I feel embarrassed. I feel ashamed. I don't know why it needed to get that far, but I feel happy about the movement that the current happenings sparked. Not saying that this is something new and everything will be changed tomorrow... Because people been marching, shouting, and protesting all their lives.
What is so different now that things will change?
What will be done better this time to achieve success?

Well, we will basically tear everything down. Together! And it's not the job to let black and brown people fight for their freedom — this is a we thing and we need to do this together, since white people are the source of this terrible toxic air.

It's time that everyone is throwing a fist and not a gun up in the air.

Still so many people feel confused about what to do, where to help etc.
I said it before. I use my voice in a creative way. This is how I feel the most powerful.

A few weeks ago, I realized something I deeply wanted to share with you.
I wanted to do a usual grocery run, visited 4 different supermarkets and got back home 2 hours later. I was happy to have all my products, but how mad this hunt made me did I only notice when I talked to my sister on the phone later. I complained how much I had to walk through the city, back and forth to just pick up 2 things and then heading to the next spot. What a time eating exercise.
I wouldn't call myself an exotic eater, but I do indulge in some "foreign" food. The pasta that I am mainly using at home are udon noodles and lately I am addicted to Tahini which I still can't get everywhere here.

I grew up being very loyal to my neighborhood supermarkets, I shopped at the same chain and discovered the world of food through their eyes.
The whole supermarket was more or less "German-ish" — anything a German person would consume at home. Mainstream food.

I remember my mom and me would sit at the table having breakfast on Saturdays and go through the supermarket flyers. "Look XY is celebrating Italy week next week" — a selection of very special oils, pastas, pestos, sauces, anything that brings the Italian vibe to your home. So many supermarkets are doing this here. One week you'll get special Greek things, American food, or Spanish delicatessen.
Those weeks were always special and I felt like a local when we invested in a box of cheap and fake mac'n'cheese or pasta sauce.

If the supermarket is even big enough, you will also see their very special international shelves which stay permanently. Yey...
Most of the big supermarkets here introduced an American, Polish, Asian, and Mexican shelf — a nice selection but very stereotypey, when looking at the Mexican shelf which only consists of tacos and taco building kits.

As a kid, I was satisfied.
But again, I'm a German potato — what do I know about Asian or Mexican food?

The older I got, the more I explored the world beyond potatoes and schnitzel. I love this world and I want to get to know every ingredient, every seasoning, and every flavor.

Everytime I discovered a new recipe, I struggled finding the ingredients to cook it.

I remember I wanted to recreate a dish with Chinese ube which I couldn't get here. My sister was heading to Frankfurt and luckily she was able to get it there...
More and more, I started shopping at Asian groceries or discovered the world of Turkish supermarkets in my city, since my city is full with them and they are a hidden gem for cheap and simple treats. 

With all my questions in mind, I decided to head to another grocery store again. 
I walked down the aisles and I started comparing all different supermarkets. 

I am glad that there are supermarkets here which more and more integrate "foreign" food into their standard collection, such as hummus. I think grocery stores like Aldi or REWE are very good example here. 
I continued walking and stopped when I got into the pasta section. How come we have this big wonderland of pasta and the matching sauces and don't call this "Italian food corner"? The pasta shelf is perfectly lined up to its friends and relatives without special labels, country borders or weird stereotype names. Everyone loves spaghetti and lasagna... people don't see it being a foreign food anymore.

But how come that we teared these walls down, but Mexican and Asian food share the darkest, ugliest, smallest, and often unorganized shelves in the deepest corners? 

Isn't it about time to recreate the shelves in the supermarkets? 
What do we have to do to stop boarders and racism there?

Supermarkets are the least place for racism. 

Food culture is about togetherness and exploration. People connect over food. I don't want anyone to feel less represented in the supermarket, just because he or she doesn't bathe in pretzels and schnitzel. Our food culture is more than this. 

And not only in Germany. 

Our citizens here are not only white and being German doesn't mean that we are not allowed to eat Asian or Turkish food. 
Because that's what we basically are today. I grew up eating the food of my relatives: a lot of Eastern European, French, Asian, and mostly American. Guess what I eat the least: German. 

For this important topic I contacted several German supermarkets to have a little exchange or feedback on this. I want us to look behind the curtains and understand the structures better. 
Unfortunately, I didn't get much feedback or companies didn't feel comfortable answering this. 
I don't want to call you out right now... but it's a shame. 

Still I sat down to write these words. 
Because if we are all silent about this, no one will ever talk about it! 

I love food and I love justice. 
I promised you I will always fight and this fight right here is something I can and surely will pursue.
You can join me and I'd be glad if you shared this with anyone who'd be interested  in this. 

Let's use our powers and voices. 
We are here to make a change.