11:48 AM I'm definitely starting to enjoy this year's European summer, but something inside of me is also calling for a little trip to somewhere else... I'm a Sagittarius...I love to be free and discover the world... 

Corona teaches me that I need to be patient and be happy with the space that I've got. But luckily, dreaming is still allowed and that's why I am more than excited when I close my eyes and think about my favorite city in the world, NYC. 
New York, I miss you, and I can't wait to be there some time soon (hopefully this year). I'm already dreaming of your long and crowded streets, your authentic neighborhoods, the food, the vibes, and the architecture. I miss simply everything, but one thing hurts the most. I miss my NYC pizza. 

Once you had a real NY pizza slice, you will never go back to your standard pizza! 

That's why I started this personal challenge to basically eat every single slice that exists in the Big Apple. So far, I'm doing really well, but I definitely need to check out more! While I can't visit a new spot right now, I am dreaming about one of the last experiences I had. 

I finally decided to check out Joe's Pizza. A place that has a lot of hype around its name. I am not really that kind of person that goes to every spot which is in the spotlight so much - I rather like the underdogs. But, I needed to check this out, to check it off my list, and maybe I would also fall in love with this place, who knows? 

I went there for a little evening snack and watched many people go in and out! It must be a popular spot for getting a slice... 
I visited the one in Greenwich Village and I really enjoyed the location of it! I spend a lot of time on 6th Ave, so I knew exactly where the spot was located. 
If you happen to go there, don't be shocked, it's a really tiny and packed space, so you better grab the slice for take-away.

The slice made it to my pizza hall of fame ~

I decided to go with a basic cheese slice, paid $3 and was quiet happy with the size of my slice! An authentic pizza slice is always covering the whole plate plus a bit of your pizza SHOULD overlap the plate. This was the perfect case here! 
My slice was in total pretty good, but somehow I didn't find anything special about it - it tasted like any other slice! Ughhh... sorry. I needed to be honest here. 
I loved that the herbs on top were really present and I was glad to have them on the slice, since the tomato sauce was in my opinion way too sour! Maybe that's the reason why the pizza didn't conquer my heart. On the other hand, the crust was really good and somehow made me happier than everything that was on top of it! That's a positive, too! 

All in all it was a good experience and my stomach was pleased, but somehow I still don't get the hype. Can someone please teach me? 

Joe's Pizza, 7 Carmine Street, New York City ($)