There Is All Kind Of Color Out There In Mother Nature 🙏🏼

7:16 PM I said it in my post before...this month, I wanted to post some different things, but current happenings made me change my mind. It's not a bad thing, it's good and I'm not complaining!

But we also have to remember that for years now, we are fighting for so many things to be seen and one important thing that we ignore is our environment! We take our Mother Nature too much for granted and don't think about the actions we take. Pollution, destruction, and more issues are out there which are simply being ignored or postponed, because the future effects are not affecting us. (That's what many people believe...).

We have this conversation for a longer time now... we need action. We need society to wake up. We need companies to wake up.
The last year I would say was a very exciting year, because more and more companies share their green ideas and the term sustainability is no longer a stranger.
When the Corona virus came this year, things changed again - this hit our planet on many different levels, good and bad.

Remember the images of Venice, Italy, were the water was so clean again, because tourists weren't around polluting the water? Or have you noticed how much louder the birds sing? Because of our home isolation, the birds and animals could enjoy the outside a little more with less anxiety caused by us humans.
But then, there is this "terrible monster" again. Us, human beings. Due to the virus, we are using all kinds of material again which we actually wanted to ban. Just think about how much plastic was used in the food industry to support frontline workers with fresh cooked food. I get the purpose, I get the urgency, but my green, earth protecting heart was hurting here.
Also I suffered being less outside, smelling the flowers or hiking every weekend during this beautiful seasonal change. At home, one really starts to realize how great the outdoors are!

And now - let's focus on something we never really think or talk about. Color inclusion in the outdoor world. 
We need to talk again. 
We need to talk now. 

We still find ourselves in a global pandemic and we are out on the streets protesting for equal rights and justice for George Floyd which is fantastic, but we shouldn't forget about our other important issues.

Is the topic of environmental justice, or ocean pollution, or fighting for the rainforests only a white people thing or problem?

Hell no. 
But how come that this branche is always connected to white people? Why aren't there campaigns or leading studies from anyone but white people?

It's a shame that we only see white people being happy in a forest, climbing or doing whatever. Isn't it time to show that any skin color, any race, any gender, any age, and any body type can be out there finding its happy place? 

I give you a short break here. 
Think about these words.

It's World Environment Day.

A day not only for white people! 
This day belongs to all of us. Everyone who's inspired to discover what's out there beyond! Trail running, canoeing, climbing, or simply hiking. Or what about making the environment your job?

Yes, there are people of color who found their passion in science, in studying volcanoes, being a marine biologist, and spreading awareness about environmental pollution. 

We need to stop making every sector a white only sector. 
No privilege, but inclusion! 
I want rainbows, I want diversity! 

And that's why I want to share some videos that can inspire all of us! 

We have to push color in the field of environmental science and black outdoor communities! There are all kinds of shades and beautiful colors in both fields working and shining! What we need to do is highlight them more! The outdoor is made for EVERYONE - it's more beautiful to share this amazing view with everyone and every being. 

Connecting with Mother Nature changes everything. And I can't wait to be out there in the woods all summer! Of course with my mask on ~

Enjoy these videos ~ happy World Environment Day!

*And don't forget about World Oceans Day on Monday! A very exciting week that we should all appreciate and celebrate a bit more! This first week of June should always ground and remind us what's the essential, what matters, and what we have to fight for! If you want to change somthing, contribute to my oceans fund here. ~