5:14 PM I have to admit that this week was a really tough one for me. It might be all the weird retrogrades happening, it might be the very humid summer temperatures, and a lot of stuff happening around me. As an empath, any tiny vibration can throw me off or make me feel everything a bit deeper which feels like all of my energy is being soaked off. 

Today, I did my little Sunday routine, meditated just one more time, because I needed it, and had my little therapy session. I wrote into my workbook and looked over to my monstera which was reaching its arms and beautiful leaves into my direction. 

I definitely need to connect with nature closer and introduce anything nature-ish into my daily again! 

More hiking, running, walking outside, playing with the water at the river - just doing anything that makes my heart happy. 
I continued writing with my monstera in the corner of my eye still watching me... one question came up. For over 4 years, I've been fighting for my dear oceans and the beautiful planet that I love so much! Talking about sustainability and showing you what we can do to have a beautiful time on this planet without ruining it. But what am I doing today? 

I am sharing less info, I guess - there's so much I am actually caring about, but I guess that here and then, some topics are just a little more important or they fit better into current happenings.

I am aware of what is going on out there, but I want us to refocus again as well! Human lives matter, animal lives matter, and most importantly our planet's life matters! 

What are you currently doing to save the planet or live a bit greener than usual? 

Maybe you are still not sure about a sustainable lifestyle...especially during this crisis. I get that and I understand it, but the good thing is that we all start small! 

Today I want to share some easy hacks with you to get to know a greener lifestyle and some ideas that you might integrate into your daily, without feeling like you are giving up to live your best life! 
A sustainable planet doesn't mean you have to suffer... a sustainable planet means that you can finally fall in love with the real beauty of the planet and enjoy its great magic for a little longer by living healthy and with the best vibes only. Who doesn't like this?


A simple hack that is pure gold for our environment! It does save you a lot of money, too, so why not starting with this today! One of my favorite examples would be air drying your clothes! Especially in smaller apartments, I feel it's too much to have a washing machine and a dryer. Air dry your clothes and enjoy the beautiful smell of freshly washed clothes! One thing that my dad is addicted to is changing all of my lightbulbs into energy saving bulbs like LED. If you use a dimmer for your light, you can even choose some more energy! 


Never take your massive amount of water for granted. After coming back from South Africa, I definitely changed my water usage and checked what I can do to save more water or at least use less. It's good to deal with things like this now, because you never know what will happen one day... If we would spend less on so much, we had a greener planet already and the damage was also smaller than what it is right now. Install a faucet that limits your water flow to a lower one - this is the very first thing you should do! Turn the water off in your shower while shaving or put a bucket in your shower which will gather all the water which you can later use for watering your plants! Don't use your dishwasher twice a day, limit your loads and also wash a couple of cups by hand! 


So many people are selling their wonderful dinnerware or furniture, even though they are still perfect! We all know this from our dear fashion world - fast fashion, but people really live fast lifestyles in general. Everything needs to be exchanged, just because tomorrow we don't like it anymore and with this attitude, companies produce more and more. No one needs this! Go on the hunt online or head to fleamarkets! There are so many beautiful gems outside and what I love about this is that no one else will have the same stuff that you own! 
We all have that one bag in our apartment which hides somewhere in a dark corner! Don't use any excuse to leave that bag there - use your bags for your grocery runs and reuse anything that you bring home from your shopping, such as an egg box! Especially in times of Corona... it's so good to not loose your focus and resist of a plastic bag, even though the business take 7 steps back in their green policies! 


It's Sunday - did you cook a great meal today to treat yourself? Where did you put all the waste? Now it's the perfect time to start composting! Use your food scraps to feed your plants or even plant onion leftovers to grow new life! So next question would be how you store your cooked food! My favorite storage situation is Stasher! I looove my colorful Stasher bags which are so easy to use and I couldn't be happier with the freshness result and how easy I can clean them again! What else does your kitchen need? Reusable food wrap, resuable baking sheets, and definitely mesh produce bags
The coffe shop is our second home, I know... but bring your coffee ritual home! Brew your perfect cup and if you really need to head out there, then make sure to get a reusable cup! And don't forget... don't waste your food in the fridge! Use all of your bought things before you invest into something new! Or how about consuming less meat - with this you can reduce your carbon footprint! Introduce a meat-free weak every month! Test it! 
*One last tip: open your fridge. Is their vegetable or any herb that could turn bad in the next couple of days? Put them into a glass of water which will make you enjoy this ingredient for a longer time! Less waste, more happy faces! 

I think the list could go on forever, but I wanted to share a few things that we can all take care of now, by checking how our house or apartment is equipped! Many people don't know that their bathrooms already have a faucet that controls the flow of the water or others feel weird about composting! But don't feel weird or be scared - everything that deals with sustainability is simply beautiful and very easy to understand and practice! 

We are in this together and unfortunately we cannot push this issue further away from us! We have started so well and I loved the energy of the planet to finally get active and safe what needs to be saved! 

Let's continue our fight! 
Let's start a greener tomorrow!