9:30 AM There are places in NYC which never bore me, no matter how often I pass them. If you know me, then this fact isn't new to you: I love to run and walk around. Movement matters to me a lot so when I'm in NYC I just walk around all damn day. That's why I happen to cross Union Square at least twice a day. 

Everytime I am at Union Square, I feel more than happy, because somehow I always got the perfect timing to enjoy the Greenmarket which stretches throughout the whole square. A colorful world of the best regional products covered in the purest fragrance. 

I remember my first time at the market. It was a really hot day and I was actually on my way to the next 7-Eleven to get myself a coke, when I found a very sweet stand at the market which offered iced tea samples. I was thirsty so I got myself a little a cup. I  filled my cup with as much tea as possible and wanted to move on, when I took my first sip and realized that the 7-Eleven has to wait. 
What was I drinking? This was soooo good! 

I was drinking a Calendula Sunrise tea blend and I was hooked. Sweet, fresh, and juicy. I think this was the best iced tea I ever had!! 

A nice guy quickly approached to me and I said to him that I needed this tea to bring back home. He didn't need to sell me anything or tell me a story about the product, I just wanted to enjoy this every day!! I got two glasses (yey, sustainability!) of the Calendula Sunrise tea and left the Greenmarket with the biggest smile on my face. 

I bought the second jar actually for my sister and until today, she keeps telling me that this tea is one of the best she had, since it was the only tea that made her feel good when she was sick! 

I kept on enjoying this tea as an iced tea at home and everytime I brewed myself another pitcher, I closed my eyes and enjoyed a beautiful throwback. 
As soon as the tea is used, you can upcycle the mason ball jar which I love the most!! 

From that moment on, I never ignore Tweefontein Herb Farm! I always come back to have my little tea drinking ritual and I explore if they have anything new to offer! 
So far, I stick to my Calendula Sunrise (calendula flowers and applemint), but I am also in love with their other wellness products: tinctures, syrups, salves, serums - anything that makes your body healthy and strong! 

If you haven't visited Greenmarket at Union Square - it's about time! I wrote about it here before. Buuuut most importantly is Tweefontein Herb Farm! Don't go to a regular coffee shop to buy "special tea". 

Visit this beautiful stand at the market, engage in inspiring conversations, and connect with Mother Nature. 

As you can see in my pictures, there was not one moment where this place was empty without people... they love Tweefontein Herb Farm! 

Tweefontein Herb Farm, Greenmarket at Union Square, right at 15th street ($)