10:04 AM I don't know if you live in a big city or a rather a smaller village, but how much green life happens around you? Are you excited when you visit the park or go for a hike somewhere in a wide and green forest? In some places, the access is limited, but the trend says that people enjoy green things more and more. How come? 
Well, it's a fact and so simple: nature is healing - it's the purest form of medicine. 

While today's society and especially lifestyle is changing so rapidly, we are craving for things that can give us comfort and healing. 
For years now, people are more and more interested in organic vegetables and fruits, getting to know the origin of everything they consume, asking questions about how things are created and what happens with the waste! 

The more we discuss sustainability and zero-waste, the more people decide to integrate green life into their own lives. It's healtier, it's cheaper, and it gives you many benefits. 

"I'm new to this...what can I do?" The good thing is that no matter where you are, it is so easy to adapt to this lifestyle and you can smoothly transit from a concrete to a more green life. 

Don't limit your daily and your chance of healing due to the fact that you live in the city. I live in the city as well, but my home feels like my green oasis that keeps me grounded and sane. 

A quick and easy guide for everyone who's ready to live that green life in the city: 

1. The kitchen is a great place to start. Even if you are not a big chef in your kitchen, having a little green life happening will benefit you all the way. Invest in some herbs and create a little garden which will supply you with fantastic fresh smells and even more aromatic flavor that will upgrade your dishes. My favorite is always mint and rosemary! But there's of course plenty more to choose from!
2. Do you have a balcony or even a little garden? Use that space! Buy beautiful flowers and plants and create a little biotope for butterflies and bees. It doesn't matter if you go crazy and get the fully rainbow, or you just get some green vibes to have chilled vibes - the world is yours and you can make a lot out of this space! If you take this one step further, you can even grow your own vegetables and fruits: strawberries, tomatoes, salad, and anything that will make your belly happy! I grow spinach every year and I can't believe how good it tastes when it comes out of my own garden. 
3. You don't have a garden but you dream of being a farmer and plant whisperer? In many big cities, they offer community gardens where you can use a certain amount of space to create your perfect green spot in the middle of the city. Other cities also offer adopt a tree events where you can adopt a tree of your city and you can take care of it then. It's definitely a good way to start working on your green thumb. 
4. The garden life is too much for you? Having a garden is definitely a lot of work, but that doesn't mean that plants and everything blooming is not worth the work. Get yourself some beautiful plants which not only decorate the house, but also give you the best vibes which make you calm down and relax. From a sweet green accent, to a calm oasis to a loud jungle - this is your world and you are the one who has to choose. Invest in plants which will survive, even though your green thumb is not fully developped. A cactus is always the best beginning, but I also highly recommend the Instagram famous monstera plant. As soon as you have introduced the green life to your aparment, you can take this one step further and involve them into your daily routines. Blast some music and while watering them dance along and just vibe it out. Meditate with them and enjoy their healing properties 24/7. 
5. To escape from all the city smog, being busy, and the huge crowds, make sure to escape to the park at least once a week! Every city offers recreation spots for you, so take this offer and spend a whole day out there! Switch things up by also visiting a close forest, but make sure you always reconnect with the things that make your heart and body relax. This type of meditation is something you can only get from Mother Nature. 
6. Ask a friend if you can help out with their dog. There are also professional websites who connect dog lovers to unique dogs which need a little care and a lot of movment in the green. Take care of a dog or offer one day a week to help out and go for a walk with the dog. Animals are always a good companion and a true friend who supports your craving for nature!
7. Become an urban witch. That's what I like to call myself sometimes as well! Are you skeptical when it comes to pharmacy and their drugs? Do you like to create your own things which can make you feel good or even better? Well it's time to go that step and firstly educate yourself and then get the right ingredients. I always have a certain mix of herbs at home which I drink as a tea depending on my mood and how I feel. For special phases of my cycle I also got the righr remedy. Get to know essential oil and learn what spices you can use to help your body heal. 
8. Not a big cook? Always buying take-away food? Time to finally connect to vegetables and fruits. Hit up your local farmer's market! Connect with the farmers, get to know their produtcs and give plants a chance to conquer your heart! 

These are some easy steps to get to know the green life in the middle of the city! Don't worry about being somewhere where green is not dominating around you - it's always up to you to change that! Know that it doesn't take a lot to change it and it's also up to you how fast you want this change or upgrade to happen! Start step by step and enjoy the journey of bringing a jungle into a city! 

What are you currently doing to have a green wonderland at home?
I always love to exchange and learn about your ideas!