11:20 AM Good morning world. Today feels like Wednesday, or Saturday, or even a Sunday. I feel like I need to slow down a little bit and just do nothing. Maybe I will just spend some hours on my new carpet and read a book...

Not to be insensitive here, but these circumstances give us a lot of time to rest and slow the f down. Actually a sweet gift that many of us could benefit from! 

One serious question: when was the last time you really sat down to rest? 

It's actually quiet hard for people to sit down and slow down for a little bit. We got plenty of time and don't want to feel like we have nothing accomplished, so we start the wildest projects, just to stay busy and sane. 

In my world stating sane is something that I don't connect with being busy. It's something I had to learn on the hard way and I still teach my self but it's a goddam lesson. Rest to find calm. Rest to recharge. Rest to let your body, mind and soul breathe.

But what does resting mean to you?
Most people follow the Bible (even if they don't know so) and take Sunday as the day of slowing down and unwind. Sunday is my favorite day because of that.
In my household we rested on Sundays - that's a law. Big family get-together, great dinner, and a lot of reading + laying on the couch. 
My dad spent his Sunday mornings with his cold coffee in front of his computer playing solitaire — holy hours where we weren't allowed to annoy him. Me time. 
Because both sex need this. It's not that women need more rest, because they stress about every tiny thing – no, rest is gender neutral.

Today it feels like people don't want to rest or the thought of it makes them even more stressed. Loosing a bunch of time in doing nothing. 

What we need to understand is that taking a break is not a childish discipline, but a treat for the self. 

Just imagine what you can do during a resting phase. Do some yoga, stretch, breathing sessions, massaging, body treatments, meditation, a matcha or coffee ceremony, eating a special treat and using all of your senses.
Yes, during resting we are stimulating our senses and connect closer with our needs and wishes.

Let's be super philosophical here and say that the art of resting is a sense of Sehnsucht. 
What a beautiful word. The longing for something uncertain or even defined pleasure, things, or person.

Yeah, resting can even be a telephone call with loved ones, special time with your partner, and also a simple nap.

This form of art has no definition and no rules. Think about the last time u really rested and felt like a free bird.

Do yourself a favor. 
Take this time now to learn how to rest.
The art of resting is all up to the artist and each and everyone out there is an artist - create and explore.  

Even if you only happen to relax in the park. But remember: wear your mask and stay 6 feet apart.

Happy resting to all of you ✨