12:23 PM I woke up this morning, very early, catching the first sunrays and taking the early AMs to just find a quiet moment to myself. I love this time of the year, when the day actually starts beyond early and the morning hours have something really mysterious to offer. 
The air is still cool, pretty crisp, and the breeze is tickling your skin, while the sun is spreading its warmth and most beautiful yellow tones. 

I went grocery shopping and decided to walk down the streets which impress me with their colorful and fragrant gardens - I never knew that this would make me so happy. In my former neighborhood, I have never seen such gardens - this experience is quiet a new one to me. 

And it brought back so many memories. 
While I walked from the pink roses to the next garden with even bigger red roses, I only focused on my breath and the scent. 
I just love roses. Fresh flowers, nature, green vibes. This is totally my thing. 

It took me back to a sunny day in April, when I first explored the green coastline of Brooklyn, NYC. I was actually on my way to BAGGU, but when I walked down the street, studying the graffiti of the neighborhood, I saw a sweet garden-ish place that I immediately wanted to check out. 

North Brooklyn Farms.
Okay, cool, a very green and inviting farm. 
I wanted to see more. 

Every corner of this beautiful place was succulent and so green. Flowers were dancing in the wind and many kids were there as well, playing in the grass. There was a nice picnic area to hang around and I loved how all the people who sat, played, or just walked around were so happy and positive. ~ 
Yes, it had a magical vibe. 

I fell in love with their playful stained glass which harmonized so wonderfully with the sunlight shining through. 
I wanted to live there or at least recreate this same situation at home... I just don't have a garden, haha. 

But this farm and so special place really showed me how nice it is to create a green space for the community. 
Farming, taking care of plants, or just celebrating nature is something that connects and heals! 

Today, when I walked to the supermarket and passed another bush of white roses, I remembered and felt every second that I experienced at North Brooklyn Farms. It was the same vibe. 

I miss this place and I wanted to see how they are doing through the times of Corona...
Unfortunately, the farm closed already in December 2019 - the end of their lease. And all of a sudden, I feel a little qualmish. 

I have been there only once, but I was looking forward to spend many more times there. 
It's sad that there will be no more North Brooklyn Farms... but everything is happening for a reason and I know time will tell. 
Maybe they will re-open somewhere else or they will head into new directions, I don't know. 

The only thing I want to remember when I think about this lovely place is how it gave me comfort of solace when I needed it in a hectic city like NYC. It helped me connect closer to Mother Nature and I bet it inspired so many other people as well! 

More of this, please! 
Farewell, North Brooklyn Farms. 
I love you.