NEW YORK STORY #44: An Ode To The Container Store

2:12 PM In times like this, I think there is no better timing to write appreciation posts and love letters to the things and people who bring us joy. 
How much I miss to wander around in the city and hit every store that I want to visit without standing in line outside, having regulations and thousand different rules. I get it... life is different now. I basically switched to shopping online, except of groceries. But it still feels weird! 

While being at home for so long, I always looked for new creative projets or things which are bringing me joy and good vibes. I didn't know that I have so many tiny unfinished projects at my home, so I was glad to find a new to-do thing every day. 

To be honest, cleaning and organizing has become the one thing that really keeps me sane... it's one simple method to tell me that I am okay and life will go on. Yes, weird circumstances happen to mess up everything around and inside of me, but I am not giving up. 

Re-arranging things, cleaning the pantry, or just framing old favorite prints of mine makes me happy and gives me the best feeling of success. Warning, with spontaneaous cleaning and going through the archives, there's so much equipment needed sometimes. Now after several weeks of cleaning, I am really getting sick and tired of the things I don't have. I'm not really feeling some shelves or corners, because they don't look organized, even though I just threw away half of it. 

I started dreaming of the Container Store again. 
Sorry for the long intro, but yeah... I just love my dear Container Store. 
Oh, I would do anything to walk through Container Store and cover myself with all kind of supply. Boxes, baskets, kitchen fun, and just the vibe of keeping it all together. A little bit of hope, inspiration, and plenty of motivation. 

Yes, I miss being in NYC, maybe that's why I tend to miss little things like walking through Container Store. 

As soon as I touchdown in NYC,  I hit my favorite places: I dander on 6th Ave and visit the Container Store to see what I have been missing and also with a little shopping list in my hand, because there's always something I need! 

During my last trip, I bought plenty of things for my kitchen and I think getting one of their lunch bags, for example, really saved my life and changed things up! I mean you could literally buy anything there and it will find usage in your daily no matter what! 

An ode to a store like that. No matter how messy your life is... no matter how you feel and what's going on outside in this weird world, at Container Store you can get your shit together, even if it's just for an hour and with a really empty wallet. 

I remember when I passed the store for the first time and I saw people running in there and coming out with plenty of shopping bags. I didn't really get the concept and wondered why people need to buy home supply in masses like this. 

As soon as you enter the world of Container Store, you get the message and you feel a lot of love! To me it's the best feeling to know you can always make your home feel even more like home. Little accents, a new way to organize something special, or simply getting inspiration to create something at home which you already have (yeah...we should actually consume less). 
What I love is that on their website, you find plenty of cool inspiration and project ideas which are just perfect for the time we are forced to stay in. 

Making your home the most comfortable and healing thing on this planet is something you should never forget! 

Even if you have a small budget - make sure that the place where you spend a lot of time at makes you feel great - especially mentally!!!! 
It's mental health awareness month and I believe that this is the perfect time to check your home and start letting go of things you don't need and embracing the four walls which keep you safe and healthy during this health crisis. 

Since I am almost through with my massive cleaning and decluttering, I only want to share my love for places like the Container Store today. I appreciate you more than ever and I wish I could cover myself with plenty of things now.... 
Besides of that, I love that we can actually go to places like this, because who cares how organized and tidy we are? Do you write this on your CV?
We could live in the messiest house ever -  nobody knows it. It's enough that we have to deal with our messy thoughts, emotions, and ballast. Here it's good to know that we can control the chaos of our home and design our wellness temple just the way we like it! 

Think about it.