11:44 AM Never have I thought there'd be a food or special treat out there which made me so damn happy and fulfilled. Actually the last thing that made me so happy was tasting and experimenting with taro - my life. 
Then, during quarantine, something very special happened - a connection and super intense feeling I never felt before. Uh, it was a lot, but I enjoyed it beyond. 
Since the days were getting longer and I wanted to procrastinate important things from my to-do list, I checked for recipes which would force me to stay in the kitchen forever. I was down - loveeee it! 

I decided to go with a simple challah recipe, since it's super versatile, and honestly, who doesn't like to brag about a sexy braided challah... well, I do. Sorry not sorry. I made a lot of yeast recipes in the past, but I have to admit that the dough was imitating me too many times, being moody and not doing what it's supposed to. I guess we all have experienced it in the past... yeast not rising or the final product tasting too dry. 

Do you remember my everything but the bagels challah buns which I posted a while back on OFF COLOR? I loved these buddies, but somehow they were not the highest level of sexiness... They are good, but I have to be honest here and tell you (also admit) that there's a little further we can go to have the super sexy experience of our lives. Soooo... my journey of diving deep into challah land started. I studied many recipes and found one which gave me the confidence to succeed! 
A couple moments later, I found myself in my kitchen, prepared a little mis-en-place to really be prepared and took a deep breath. 

Yes, I was a bit nervous, but mostly excited to shake my booty in front of my tasty smelling oven. I followed all the steps, prepared everything with high attention to detail, and enjoyed listening to my bubbling yeast. 
I don't know what it is, but this kind of baking is definitely something different... 

The yeasty smell was already hypnotizing me, making me think about the oceans with its quiet sizzling - it was the perfect element to cool me down and just relax. I got this, I got this. 

Adding the yeast to my dough, I was thinking about my babka dilemma a while back. I was just praying that this is not a fail and I am actually good enough to bake a challah. 

I'm German and my DNA is full of yeast. My mom is the queen of yeasty things and I want to be just as good as she is...yeah, the battle was on again, haha

I went through the dough with my hands which was slightly warm by now and I closed my eyes and enjoyed each and every element at this moment, even though the whole dough was sticking on and between my fingers. 

A thing I really hate doing was still ahead of me, but I told my brain to chill and just go with the flow. I turned on my sonos and blasted my favorite playlist and started kneading the dough. Ughhh, I did a workout in the morning and was not in the mood to move my arms a lot... and there I was now. Keep going, yo. 

After 3 minutes, the dough came super nicely together, and 5 more minutes later, I kneaded the silkiest dough I ever felt running through my fingers. Oh yessss. While I was dancing and putting all my love and last energy into this dough, I didn't realize how fast the time was passing. My de-motivation was gone, and all I felt in this moment was pure joy. 

The silkier and smoother the dough got, the more heartbeats I felt. I closed my eyes and kept my hands rotating - this was one of the best meditations I ever had. Wow. 

The rest felt like a smooth waltz for me. The dough was exploding in my bowl while it was rising for almost 2h and I braided a wonderful and juicy challah. It looked magical. 

30 more minutes of rising and 28 minutes of baking later, I cuddled and kissed this big dough of love. I did shake my booty in my kitchen and basically sang so loud that every neighbor on my block could hear me. This is happiness. 
Ohhh, and that's success as well...sweet sweet feeling! 

I put the challah on my table and just starred at it and its glossy egg wash on top. I could see myself in it... I just wanted to cry, but I didn't want to disturb my zen brain. 
I was at ease. 
Thanks to this challah. 

What a great way to enter chill zone with zero fucks and a belly full of fluffiness. 
Happy Sunday, y'all!