An Essay: Trends That Connect The World In Times Of Separation

12:36 PM How's everyone doing today? How's your home isolation going? I know it's still hard and time feels like processing in slow motion. I hope you are all doing well - and even if you feel a bit off, this will pass, too. 

I have to admit that I felt a little upside-down this week as well, but I don't blame myself or anything else... it just happens, I acknowledge it, and flow through it. No need to analyze every heart beat like crazy, I told myself. Just go with the flow and let things happen. Balance is the key, right? 

So to focus a little bit on the more important things I disconnected a lot this week as well. Read cookbooks, no cell phone, blasting my sonos, dancing, taking care of my plants, and so on. Little shake-ups and just a simple me time is so important right now, even though home isolation actually means me time... 
Most of our home isolation consists of watching TV, reading the news, being on Instagram 24/7, and whatever you can imagine. The media is a great outlet to feel less bored, but it can also stress us more. 

After I enjoyed a great day with a lot of me time and wellness which was a pure plast for my system and mood, I still needed to take care of OFF COLOR's Instagram, so I grabbed my phone. I was not about to watch the news or watch stories for hours, I just wanted to post something and be done after 5 minutes. 
The first picture that popped up was a perfectly shot of a creamy and so glossy dalgona coffee. I stopped and smiled. I recreated this drink with my sister when we were spending Easter together and I remember how much fun it was to create this. It's crazy to see it everywhere for weeks now!!!

I continued posting my illustration and I was still thinking about the dalgona coffee that I just saw. After my post was out, I went back to that picture and checked what the people have wrote and how many people actually recreated this. 
It's amazing. 

I can't stress it enough, but food and drinks are so important! If it's just a simple treat or a research on things that benefit our bodies... there are not many things that matter so much like these two. People post their morning coffee on Instagram, or they have to share the best bites they took during their vacation - food is a love language, baby. 

And how great is it that in times like this, when we are separated and so far away from each other, we can actually go online and use this space as a space to connect and feel less alone by sharing our take on food trends and wellness tings. 
Yes, coffee culture is wellness to me and that's why I tested the dalgona coffee, too. My sister and I were completely amazed how cool this is and it's definitely worth a try! 

It makes me happy seeing that so many people get excited to test this trend and create this coffee trend from Korea or even feel creative enough to upgrade it. Basically: mix 3 tablespoons of instant coffee + 2-3 tablespoons of sugar + 3 tablespoons of hot water together and whisk it with a highspeed mixer until it turns into a caramel colored cream.  Pour this into a glass of oat milk with some ice cubes and enjoy this fancy delicacy. 

If you ask me, we can continue like this! Share trends, share ideas, and let's not give up on our greatest pleasures! 

The love we spread with imitating this trend is sooting and such a nice comfort we can all use right now! 

Who would have thought that a coffee trend would bring us even closer? 
Let's see what's next on Instagram... I can't wait to try that one, too! 
Have a fantastic weekend!