#OCAIKO - #3 In A Crisis Like This - Cape Town

11:17 AM Spending so much time at home right now and spring entering our lives, I decided to deep clean my apartment. Throughout the year, I am always collecting things that I can donate to a charity or an organization in need. Having so many things here and then, I put them all in a big box and hide them in my basement. I tend to forget about it a lot, but now during cleaning, I ran into my box again and checked what things were actually waiting to be donated. I found a packed box which I wasn't able to ship yet, but I will talk about it soon. 
I went through school supply, hair accessories, and some fun activities - I can't wait to find great charities to donate them to soon. 

I sat on my sofa and wanted to have a relaxing noon with some refreshing iced tea. I decided to watch the news, even though I don't want to feed my anxieties with this. 
What I saw was something terrifying, but I needed to see this. 

While the Corona Virus is taking control of simply everything internationally, we only get to hear from the epicenters around the globe: Europe, China, and the US. I wondered what's up in different countries or continents, no one really spoke about Africa, until I saw a little clip on CNN about the homeless in Cape Town during this crisis.
I had to swallow and stop for a second. 

I love this place from the bottom of my heart. 
You know I went to Cape Town 2 years ago - a trip that changed my life. A trip which inspired me to found #OCAiko - because I want to help kids all around the globe who need the basic supply that we don't even appreciate enough. 
A trip to Africa changes everything. 

Seeing the homeless and people from the townships in Cape Town made me sad again, but it made me even more sad and a little frustrated knowing that those people can't do anything about this health crisis.

They are already experincing a health crisis where they fight for simple access to water! Cape Town is running out of water supply and the water crisis is a very serious topic that has been shaking up things the last years. Another health crisis entering this country is actually horrible and almost uncontrollable. How shall people simply wash their hands and stay clean when there's no access or limited access to water? Clean water. 
There's no easy grocery run possible to get all the things one needs and the people can't do it like many others around the world and hoard simply everything from the supermarkets. 

While watching this crisis on from my sofa, I turned off the TV and felt grateful for a minute. My fridge is full, my baby pantry is full, I got a TV and the internet which entertain me, and I am healthy. I can wash my hands all day and take as many showers as I want to... 

I grabbed my bag and wallet and rushed to the next drugstore and bought sanitizing towels and wet toilet paper. On top of that I want the kids to be healthy and get their vitamins, so I bought plenty of these fruit bars. It was tough to find enough cleaning products, like these towels, but I was able to cover myself with some things from the baby and kids section...at least something. 

With this donation, I want to support the Homestead in Cape Town. An organization which helps street children to reconstruct their lives and empowers the kids and their families to practice awareness programmes and skills that help their issues and traumas. 

I know there are many places around the globe which need many helping hands right now and I feel the urge to spread this message! Please help if you can! You don't need to help the whole world, but start with your community. Is there someone who needs help? Can you support someone with things that you got at home but actually don't need? 

Let's make this world a better one today. 
Together we can do this! 

Thanks for reading this and spreading the word!
I highly appreciate you!