This corona virus only emphasizes my wish for a bigger pantry + an ode to kindness

11:01 PM I live in a small and cute appartment, in the heart of the city. It's not bad at all, just perfect for one person and it totally reflects my mood and needs. My kitchen is an open one, unfortunately a bit too small for a crazy cook and baking girl, but I always try to make the best out of it. 
Due to not much storage in my kitchen, I learned to reduce my pantry and just have stuff at home that I really really need. So far, I believe I'm doing a great job - I can't complain. 

Of course, there are days where I browse through interior design websites and start to dream of a huge kitchen with plenty of storage, cool furniture, and the sexiest pantry. Oh god, I love a sexy pantry. 
If there is one thing I could wish for my kitchen, it would actually be an extra room to decorate a pantry and just go crazy. Dreams... dreams - very far away, haha. 

In January, when we learned about China and the Corona virus, I immediately ran to my dearest drugstore to cover myself with sanitizer and hygiene products, since I am in contact with many people during my day (due to my job).
Safety first, I thought...I get sick way too fast, so I wanted to protect myself. I did not know that people would be as crazy as I am, so I found many shelves already emptied and products being completely out of stock.

I laughed about it first, shaking my head, and hoped to find my stuff somewhere else.
I did. 

Some weeks passed and I fell in love with a recipe that I made throughout the week with the biggest smile on my face: Korean scallion pancakes. This was so good that I wanted to make another batch and just enjoy it as a snack here and then....until I realized my flour wasn't enough. 
The next day, I went to the grocery store and looked for flour. Sold out. Luckily I needed to head to another supermarket to get another special ingredient.... flour was sold out, too. I was frustrated and thought about my oats being the best alternative to just grind and making them my own flour. But no, my head wasn't in love with the idea, I wanted my usual flour, period. 
I headed to another supermarket: also no flour. 

What the fuck was going on? The shelves were empty all of a sudden and Corona was spreading more and more. 

I found another great recipe to focus on and tried to forget about my pancakes... I don't need flour, it's all good. A week passed and I was out and about again. I passed a supermarket and was interested if they finally got fresh flour. The only flour I could find was special flour to make SpĂ€tzle. Are you kidding me? 

I called my mom and begged her to keep her eyes open to get me all the flour she could find! 2 hours later, I passed a store in my neighborhood which was offering 6 more packs of flour, so I grabbed one and sprinted home like the champion of the world, dreaming of pancakes and every fluffy dish I could make with this. I'm back, yeahhhh. 

I called my mom again, asking her about the current situation. What is going on? What is happening here? People around me go crazy. 

The virus hit my city, I feel very safe here, even though people are really nasty and don't cough with their hands in front of their mouth. But why do people react so over the top and empty all the supermarkets? 

My friend got an extra fridge, because she's stocking up right now and she needs all the space to have enough food. She said if we need to stay at home and are not allowed to go to work or whatever, I should just stay at her place for two weeks, because her food is enough for so many people. 

In the supermarket, I watch people buying all kinds of cans and I feel their anxiety rushing through the shelves looking for delicious meals they can create throughout a time, which is not even announced yet. 

We are still allowed to live a normal life and we don't need to panic, right? Or how shall I feel? Looking at my kitchen... I am not prepared to be forced to stay at home. I could only eat for a couple of days and that's it...

With the latest news hitting and especially spreading further and further, my reality hits me in the face every day: I need a freaking pantry. A bigger, a sexy, and satisfying pantry. 

I want to have tons of labeled boxes with snacks, canned foods, sauces, and all my spices. I want to look around and feel like I can live the best life I can, because I got tons of food to stimulate and feel awesome. Cooking gives me a certain feeling and with Corona, I feel like I am not ready for any situation that is alike. Fuck. 

Tiny kitchen owners, what are we doing during times like these? 
This virus seperates us from everyone else. Hey you, big pantry owner, have you thought about us coming home and looking on a shelf, checking two cans of kidney beans and a little leftover Trader Joe's salsa? Hmm...I can create a delicious dish out of this, but tomorrow, my "pantry" will be empty again. I will have an empty and lonely section in my kitchen which asks for new company again. And then I will hit the supermarket, checking what I can get to survive another 3-5 days. Oh wait, there are tons of people around me hoarding every tiny thing in their shopping carts, even though they might not need it or they actually already have plenty of things at their homes. Isn't it that way?

People. Think twice before you go too crazy now. When shopping, please buy things you really need and don't be an ass emptying the supermarkets and leaving your friends and neighbors behind. There are many people out there who don't have pantries or storage places at home - we need to hit the supermarket every other day to survive, too.... be fair and let everyone stay as sane as possible during these weird times. 

We all need to eat and to be honest, having a steady and on-going routine makes this situation feel less scary. This anxiety and especially panic around food shouldn't be here. Food is wellness and comfort, but during these awful circumstances, it has to connect us and keep our bond tight (tighter than ever). 

We shouldn't fight over food, we should take care of one another and be nice. 
Be kind.
Make sure your family got to eat and check for people in need, neighbors, or older people. 
Wash your hands.
And please...wash your fucking hands.
I'm serious. 

If anyone wants to share tips on how to live with the tiniest pantry ever or what to cook when almost nothing is at home, please feel free to share!
Stay safe!