Let's Discover The World Of Beans Together

6:35 AM The days are getting weirder and the Corona virus seems to not give us a break. Each day, we get new news, commands, and all we are left with is heavy anxiety. In my city, we are still allowed to go outside, but we should consider if we really have to. 

I remember when the first supermarket hoarding started, it was early March. I was in panic, too, and bought the craziest stuff, just to be safe. What happened is that I basically ate all my snacks and special treats within a couple of days, because this was the only way for me to chill. I told my sister I am not able to survive 2-3 weeks at home with all the food I got at home.

I mean how shall I know how to survive in this kind of situation when I never experienced something like this before? This is terrifying! 

I asked Google what's best to cover oneself with, talked to co-workers and friends.

I am a budget lover - I calculate every tiny shit I get, but I wasn't sure how to budget this drama... we all just want to make it through somehow. 

To not ruin myself financially though, I knew it's best to invest in a lot of canned food, such as beans. 
Oh, I love beans: chilis, stews, soups, and so on. But do I really want this? Beans every day? This will be a really weird time now... 

My mind totally freaked out already, even though there is now reason to. I stocked up and I feel prepared...yes, I bought a lot of cans, but before I went out to shop, I sat down and wrote my list: what do I really want to eat? These times are hard enough, it doesn't make sense to be mean to oneself through food - again, food is comfort! 
I decided to make myself hawaij chickpea soup, at least twice, because I love it so much. I will also make a chili, and I will also use my chickpeas or beans to create something sweet, too! 
It's time to be creative! 

To not make you worry as much as I did, I looked for some more inspiration when it comes to boring cans of beans. I bet there are plenty of recipes you have not heard of nor tested yet! 
Let's inspire each other these days and connect over good food! 

I hope this helps you feeling like a gourmet chef, during this crisis.
Stay safe, stay at home, and take care of the people around you. 
Love is all we need.

chickpea burger 
- Martha Stewart 

chicken tostadas - Bon Appetit 

crispy mushrooms with white beans and kale - Bon Appetit 

chickpeas and greens fritata - Bon Appetit 

mexican beef soup with beans - Bon Appetit 

black bean and mango salad - Food52 

or explore OFF COLOR:

my anxiety meal prep which featured garlic green beans and a special chickpea stew

my low-budget meal prep featured an adzuki bean brownie and hawaij chickpea and chicken soup

pumpkin chili

crispy cajun chickpeas  

Make sure to share what delicious treats you are making at home! I'm curious!!
Happy cooking, everyone! ~