12:51 PM Ever since my late teenage years, I remember myself being highly drawn to philosophy and literature, deep literature. The things we had to read in school bored me - I rather wanted something that hit me hard. The stuff that makes me think... 

In school I had no chance to connect or invest in that intriguing topic, so I decided to focus on that when I started university. First semester: introduction to philosopy... and there they were: Kant, Nietzsche, Locke, and so much more that made my heart happy. I was in love. 

I read it all.
I studied it deeply. 
That's when I also understood that there is actually more in life than just existing, waking up, going to work, paying rent, and just surving. 
What about me? 

Alert: this is getting deep now,

What is it that I can do to become a better self or what is it that makes my true self? Who am I? 

I read so much that I finished every book with even more questions. It was kind of depressing and then again too exciting for me. 

Fighting with mood swings and anxiety which lead to a depression, this was actually hard stuff to deal with, too. But somehow I thought it's the best time to surround myself with deep words when I was feeling alone and sad anyways. 
I continued thinking, writing stuff down and until today I have no answers to my questions. 
I made it out of my heavy and dark days, but my anxiety and depression is very close to me, following me like my own shadow during a hot summer day. 

Books like Plato's "Symposion" or Nietzsche's "And Thus Spoke Zarathustra" have had the biggest impact on me and my thought process until this day! They literally changed everything... all of a sudden, I understood that there is really more deep down in each and every one of us. 
This can be something really positve or negative, but I realized that this is something that makes me happy and it gave me a new duty for my everyday life: working on me, my persona, my attitude, my thoughts and values. 

But how can I get to know me better?
I realized that I needed spirituality in life (maybe it was already there a tiny bit....). 
So how do I start a healthy relationship with my thoughts, brain, mind, and soul? 

Oh my god, did she just say soul?
Are we talking witchcraft now? 
Yes and no. 

I want to tell you about spirituality today and I want to show you that this is nothing bad... be proud of it. 
Celebrate it! 
Embrace it. 

As soon as people hear the term spirituality, they get nervous, because they are not in touch with it 100%. It's either way something religious or weird witch stuff. 
Not at all. 

I walk around telling everyone how much I love to be spiritual. Imagine the looks I get. 
That's your problem, not mine, love. 
If you knew what you are missing out, you would totally be changing this attitude right now! 

"Oookay, I'm courious now: what the heck is all of this spirituality?"
A definition could say that spirituality is a variety of aspects dealing with the concept of religion and/ or the individual itself. The self is associated with the interior life, placing an emphasis upon well-being  and a healthy mind-body-spirit relationship.

So yeah, spirituality can definitely deal with religion, but for me, this is all about connecting with myself and creating a good and healthy vibe that carries me through all the circumstances with a smile and jumping heart. 

I still suffer a lot from all kinds of things, but with the help of spirituality, I know that I have a safe space to deal with my issues and I have many tools which help me to learn, grow, and especially forgive and let go. 

This is my take on spirituality: 
1. Meditation
2. Reading 
3. Practice gratitude through journaling and breathing exercises 
4. Cooking or baking 
5. Exercising 
6. Speaking to myself every morning to create the perfect mood
7. Listening to music 
8. Cleansing the room with essential oils and palo santo to create good energy
9. Healthy grocery shopping to nourish my body right 
10. Cleaning my home and detoxing/decluttering often to get rid of ballast 

I often thought about "returning" to church and my religion to find the real answers of life. But somehow I don't feel ready or motivated enough.

When it comes to spirituality, I feel a warm sense of home. Here I can decide about the technique which is best for me and I have the best equipment that can support me throughout anything. 

It feels like magic sometimes and other days I can't really describe what is happening, but I know that the universe does a lot for us.
Don't mess with the universe... let the magic happen and see where it takes you! 

Don't we all dream about the Disney fairies making our lives as beautiful as in the movies? Spirituality can look like this, too, and this is not a silly witchcraft, yo! 

Don't be scared to deal with your higher self and the sparkle that you can bring to the table. Whether it be for yourself or the people around you who care deeply about you. 

Let go and let the sparkle take over. 
Create routines and rituals which help you connect with yourself. 
It's all about balance. 
Stay healthy and stay open-minded ~ 

What's your approach on spirituality? 

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